When Your Putter Gets Hot!

We all know that putting comes and goes throughout the golf season. There are times when I could not sink my ball in a hole the size of a garbage can lid 3 feet in front of me. And then there are times, like now, when I seem to sink almost everything from anywhere on the green. I especially like these times.

During my last two rounds, I have averaged 27 putts per round. During each of these games I have sunk 5 putts greater than 25 feet. All but one gently rolled in the cup as if there was very little chance of it missing. I have one putted 11 times each round. Some for 8 to 10 feet for par. The hole looks huge at this time.

The rest of my misses are within inches of the cup. I am hitting the ball about 8 inches past and seems perfect for how I need to roll the ball.

Reading the breaks produces a clear line for any distance and I am able see how the ball should track to my goal. I am hitting my line 95% of the time and that is always a good thing.

The interesting thing about my period of good fortune is that I cannot attribute it to anything specific. I think my winter of practice is finally paying off, but I cannot be certain. Regardless of why, I hope my new found great putting continues.

I have to mention that I played a match play round against my friend Trevor. We played under net rules, but should have been stroke play, but that is another story. Anyway, Trevor felt the demoralizing affect of my hot putter. The moment he had a chance to gain a stroke or at least half the hole, my putter slammed the door. I ended up closing him out 6 and 4. My putter was the main reason for my success.

Putting is a core skill I continue to diligently work on and hopefully improve. It is definitely the biggest stroke saver in my game and as such needs to garner the most attention.

I am grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “When Your Putter Gets Hot!

  1. I really love those days. I had one early this year while you still had a few feet of snow on the ground that I will remember for a long time. I went back to normal the next week, but that day, for the first and maybe last time, I dropped almost literally everything. Even 3 from off the green fell and that’s not something I had practiced much yet at the time. 21 putts counting zeros for the off the green attempts. And more were outside of ten feet than inside. That sure makes the game seem easy.


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