The Mid Point of My Golf Season

It is approximately the mid point of my golf season and I have to say, time is moving way to fast. It seems that every time I look around a week has passed. I am enjoying my time on the links, but our season is so short that it is important to maximize every opportunity. And so far, I believe I am doing that and more.

Of course it helps to have an awesome wife who encourages me to hit the links as often as possible. She realizes that golf is more than a sport to me and it helps with my mental stress relief and offers and opportunity to get a bit of exercise. For this I am truly a grateful golfer!

My golf course is busy, but not crazy so. There are many opportunities to play and “sneak” out if I happen to have the time. The staff at Osprey Links are awesome and very accommodating. I am lucky to be a member there and enjoy looping this great course.

Image may contain: bird and plant
Waiting to take flight!

Having said that, it is also time to enjoy other aspects of our summer. Kayaking is one of the things, but unfortunately a robin has built a nest on our kayaks and we are remiss to move the nest. We are hoping that in a few days, they little bundles of joy will fly the nest and we can get that part of our summer started!

As the rest of my golf season unfolds, I have a few tournaments to look forward to and plenty of fall golf. It seems that July and August are always busy, but September and October offer ample chances to hit the links and enjoy the slightly cooler weather. It is something I always look forward too.

I am well on the way for hitting my goal of golfing 80 times this year. Not all my rounds are recorded for my handicap index (which is back to 5.5) because of scrambles, Men’s Night, or Senior Men’s events, but I have 26 recorded in the books already in 2019. Not a bad start considering what I went through last year.

I have noticed that I ride in the cart more this year. I can handle walking the course most of the time, but if I mix it with other activities at home I still need to manage my energy. That is all part of getting the most out of my golf season.

With three months to go, I am ready for some more exciting golf. It is time to see if I can lower my index, shoot a few eagles, score under par and to shoot another hole in one. Regardless of how the rest of my season goes, you know I will always be a grateful golfer!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Mid Point of My Golf Season

  1. Getting back to 5.5 is no small accomplishment. Especially after what you went through. Congratulations.

    Life is conspiring against me this week. Three times I’ve tried to hit the course and three times I’ve failed. But I work from home and set my own schedule so I can try again tomorrow.

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