Trips the Course Are Slowing Down

After 35 recorded rounds and at least that many not recorded, my trips to the golf course will slow down for the next two months. It was not how I planned my golf season to finish, but life things happen and so other priorities need to move to the top of the ‘to do’ list. It is no big deal and I will hit my goal of 80 rounds before the end of the year.

With less trips to the course, my game might take a bit of a hit. This is all part of the yearly cycle and I know what to expect. First my chipping will become a bit rusty. I will practice way less (not that I practice that much during the season anyway) and loose some of my touch. The trick is to stay aggressive.

Second, my putting will not be as sharp. The slower greens will have an impact on my score for sure. I am not that great of a putter on very slow greens, but as the cooler weather creeps in, the greens need to stay a bit longer for their protection.

Third, my long irons will take a beating. Being the weakest part of my game, I do not expect that much from them moving forward. I could fix this I am sure, but time is an issue for me now and I have less and less of it as the days grow shorter.

Lastly, my driver. This has been the best club in my bag all year and do not expect that to change anytime soon. I have been very fortunate with the big stick this year and it will be the last club to fail me.

So, you can see I am prepared for what autumn golf has to offer. Regardless of my scores, I will enjoy the time left on the links. The scenery only becomes more beautiful and I use less sunscreen; therefore, autumn golf does have its silver lining.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Trips the Course Are Slowing Down

  1. Brian was right. That article shows a defeatist attitude. Glad you took his comment to heart. With a proper warm up, even playing just once week you should be able to stay pretty sharp.

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  2. Jim! Common man, get pumped! Sitting around waiting for your game to rust out in the cold weather aint gonna fly 🙂 Sounds like you need some late season motivation to keep you going. You should schedule a mid autumn golf trip to a warmer climate. . .but I’d avoid the US southeastern coast in the near future for obvious reasons. How about Arizona???

    Get up, get going, get pumped!


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