Forgetting The Basics Is Costly in Golf

Most golfers have an understanding that hitting a golf ball in the center of the club face is important. It is a basic tenant to launching the ball, yet we amateurs seem to forget this critical fact when swinging away. We do many different physical contortions in attempts to gain distance, but leave out contact as a key factor. I wonder why that is?

Many of you have heard the saying that less is more. Swing easier to gain more distance. This thought is definitely true, but why is it true? What makes this statement so profound?

Basically, swinging easier allows our bodies and minds to coordinste the thousands of micrommovements in order to square the club head on contact. When this occurs, we make great cointact and achieve the results we want with each swing.

For example, if I swing my irons at 95 mph hour instead of trying to squeeze an extra 7 mph out of them, good things happen. My club face is square on contact, I hold my wrist lag a bit longer and the ball hits the right spot on my club face. Especially, I know the speeds from using a simulator when searching for new equipment.

This small change to swing speed has a profound affect on the outcome on of contact. Yet, for some reason I try to over swing thinking I will gain more distance aand this rarely happens (especially in scramble events). Therefore, I have to remind my selfto swing easy in order to make sold contact square on the club face. When I do, good things happen.

So, when you are struggling with cointact, it might help to take an easier swing approach and let your body coordinate its movements to make that soild contact you seek. I know it works for me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Forgetting The Basics Is Costly in Golf

  1. Swinging harder is definitely the wrong thought process in my experience too. When I think that way, I tense up. Grip tighter. And even if I do hit the sweet spot the ball won’t travel as far. If I want a little extra distance I need to think turn more, not swing harder. If my mind is focused on getting more shoulder turn rather than trying to smash the ball I can get that extra distance more consistently. That said, I’d rather club up and swing at no more than 90% than even doing that if I can. That choice more than any other got me shooting sub 80 rounds consistently.

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