Gaining Strokes With One Basic Swing Change

How can this be? Who makes such daring claims? Is this revolutionary or ancient knowledge? These are questions most amateurs ask and I am here to tell you that it is possible to save strokes by making a basic swing change. Are you ready for the big reveal, then read on!

My friend Rick’s game has taken a turn for the good this year. He is playing his best golf I have ever seen him play…ever and it is all because he made one basic change that has cascaded into success in every aspect of his game. And because of this, he is launching himself into a new level of play that has elevated his expectations for lower golf scores in the future.

Rick started to aim with every shot!

That is it! Rick always aimed with his putter and as a result putted well. Then he changed to chipping and his short game has drastically improved! Now, he is using this basic swing component with is irons and woods with improving success. He is starting to aim with every shot!

He has adopted the mantra to aim small, miss small. It is really working for his game. He is gaining more confidence with is irons and woods; as such he is shooting lower golf scores.

I know I have recently talked about this, but I thought that providing an excellent example woold help fellow amateurs improve their game. If you must know, he was shooting in the high 90s before the change and now the expectation is low 90s all the time wIthaca some peeks into the 80s. I can see consistent scores in the 80s a he continues to refine his aiming technique.

Lastly, by adopting his slight change, other parts of his swing are changing and this is creating a dominoe affect that is also helping to lower his golf scores. The changrs have not been easy, but I applaud my friend Rick’s efforts to lower his golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Gaining Strokes With One Basic Swing Change

  1. I fully agree. Aiming is so critical, I choose an aim point and aim the club face at it before I even take my stance. That helps insure my stance correlates to my aim point every time. Sometimes my aim point is reachable and sometimes it’s off in the distance but I always, always choose a line at least before stepping in.

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