What Did You Shoot On That Hole?

Have you ever wondered how some players notoriously forget how many strokes they made on a hole? I can understand that adding up penalty strokes with the actual number of swings can sometimes be challenging. Or, from time to time overlooking one stroke (it happens to everyone). However, playing with that person who never knows how many strokes they took or habitually leaves a couple of strokes off can make for a challenging round!

More often than not, I end up being the scorekeeper for the groups I play golf with. Generally, it is because I am going to keep my own score and stats anyway, so most players just let me do it. I do not mind (most of the time) until I come across that one player who failed grade 3 math.

There is never an issue with my normal group. We have played long enough together that we are not embarrassed to place the odd hockey stick or snowman on the scorecard. It is a fact of our game and such is a golfers life.

My frustration comes from that one player who has decided they are going to shoot a particular score and skews their scores to accomplish that feat. I am not sure that they realize that experienced golfers count everyone’s strokes and we know exactly what they shot. And constantly reminding them is a real pain.

So, the only advice I can offer to ‘those’ players is to keep your own score and lie to yourself later. The rest of us have enough challenges managing our own game without worrying about theirs.

I realize this was a bit of a rant today, but for some reason I was reminded of the a round from a few years back. I cannot even remember the persons name, but I was miffed at the time. Now that I see my musings on paper, I can see I need to let that stuff go…..haha. Okay, it is gone! Thanks for listening today!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “What Did You Shoot On That Hole?

  1. I’ve played with that guy too. But it didn’t bother me too much because he always lost anyway. The guy that did bother me was the one that crowed about his two under par round when we just watched him improve every single lie before swinging. That guy was irritating. His 2 under round was probably over 100 when you added in penalty strokes. Having to listen to how well he played when the rest of us played by the rules was hard to take.

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