Focused On The Smallest Spot For Consistent Contact

Over the last year of golf, I worked on focusing on a smaller and smaller contact point and aiming point. I found that this small change in my mental approach has helped improved my contact on the ball. It was not a revelation but and evolution of my game. It is something that I adopted many years ago, but not with focused intent I have now. It really is something new, but not, if you know what I mean.

There are so many swing thoughts to process and I never really considered exactly where to look to ensure I make consistent contact. Spot I look at is the front of the ball when hitting anything but a putter. With the putter, I look at the back of the ball. Both spots are dead center on the ball and I try to hold the spot for a count of one after contact. This process helps keep my head still and allows for a full swing.

I noticed improvement in consistency when focusing on a very small contact point in all my woods and irons except for my wedges. I struggled with these scoring clubs and will have to address that over the winter. However, for sure a focused contact point will be part of my solution.

This new process works very well for me. However, I did find a video that counters my new found process. It is by Mark Crossfield. He does not really advocate a specific focus point. Take a look and see why:

The interesting thing about golf is that there is no wrong answer if something is working for you. In my case, where I look and how intently is very important to my game. It works for me, so I will continue to use it.

Offering a different opinion on various topics is important to strike up a conversation amongst ourselves (or the greater golfing community). It is important to hear all sides so you can make an informed decision. Then you can pick and choose what works for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Focused On The Smallest Spot For Consistent Contact

  1. I know this works for some people with a small area of focus on the ball. I found it did fix it for like the person said in the video over a short time and then I was back to same misses. So I noticed for me it was my spine angle causing the misses that happened most. I’m working on my posture and this has helped me find a better swing as I have less head movement with a better posture. I mostly look at the ball and not any spot.

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  2. Yeah, I kind of agree with the video in that it’s not so much where I’m looking as how I’m swinging. But, I do have a couple of things I generally do that is different than what I think most people do. On the tee with my driver, my eyes are on a spot on the ground just before the ball maybe an inch or two and from the fairway with irons, my eye’s are on the leading edge of the ball. I’m not focused intently, but, you kind of have to look somewhere so I try and look at where the swing should be bottoming out rather than where I want the club face to strike it. Then I can let me body do it’s work.

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