Influences on Your Golf Routine

I find that routine is a cornerstone of great golf. It allows players to rely on a consistent approach to ensure they are performing their mechanics in a similar manner for all golf shots. This routine is important on and off the course because routine helps prepare our game prior to the first hit. In the off-season, I have to develop a routine to improve my mental and physical health. It generally starts on January first, however this year I have another influence that is forcing me to step outside my normal routine and develop a new one. I am wondering if this is a good thing or bad!

To sum up the story quickly, we are grand-fur baby sitting until the end of January. Our daughter decided she needed another loyal loving friend in her life and decided to embrace Windsor in her life. Due to other life influences, my wife and I are fur-baby sitting for 6 weeks and loving every minute. However, it does throw a wrench in my daily routine!

Windsor, the new bundle of joy and energy in our lives!

My routine is now his routine. He dictates when we wake up, go for walks (twice a day) training, playing, and eating. Yup, Windsor is the king of our house and runs a tight ship. Regardless of the changes, we love him and are thrilled to have him visit.

With respect to golf, I now fit in my golf training times around Windsor’s schedule. I use my orange whip, orange peel, and driving net a bit less than I had hoped for my January schedule, but that is okay. I am still doing more swing movements than I have in years. All this means is that I will need to adjust my schedule in February to make up for for my slow start to my golf training. On a very positive note, we do walk twice a day for at least 30 minutes and this is always a good thing.

Make no mistake, we are thrilled to have Windsor visit and all the adjustments to our schedules are worth it. It has taken a few weeks to get into a positive routine and now it is working out famously. However, those two weeks were a bit of a challenge; much like any changes to my golf routine cause.

Do you adjust your golf routine due to outside influences? Did you find it difficult to make the changes?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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