Tell Me The Possibilities of This Golf Shot

I do not care whether I am in the middle of the fairway, first cut, deep in the woods, or any place but in the water, every golf shot has multiple, if not infinite, possibilities. Now, before you start writing a curt response, take a deep breath and think. There, feel better? I bet you do. Now that you are ready to read on with an open mind, lets use one simple example and you will see what I mean.

Before we examine the shot in mind, I thought I would provide an image to help the discussion along:

Roundel Glen Golf Course, Trenton, Ontario.

The ball is 15 yards from the green, under a tree. The lie is good and I could stand without hitting any limbs. I could not take a full swing. There is a bit of a dip right before the green to consider, but it was not more than one foot deep. The pin was 20 yards on the green, basically in the middle.

Without digging too deep, I believe I have three reasonable shots I can make that would match the results above. They are with 3 different clubs and require 3 different approaches.

The first is with a sand wedge. I hit the ball just over the top of the hill in the back of my stance so it lands on the green about 5 yards and releases to the pin…..if I hit it cleanly. If I do not, it ends up sort. However, by being aggressive, this is the best shot for getting the ball the closest.

Second is with my pitching wedge. Again just over the top of the hill and the ball lands about 10 yards on the green. I place the ball in the back of my stance. Hitting the ball clean and we will beside the pin. Hit is a bit fat and I am still on the green but with a put at par.

Last option is with a 7 iron. I hit the ball into the back about 3/4 the way up and let the ball bounce on to the green. The chances of getting the ball on the green, regardless of contact, is best. However, I have very little control as to how the ball will come off the hill and release going forward. This is an option, but not my first choice.

As you can see, I quickly laid out three possible realistic shots. If I was to sit an analyse this shot further, I could come up with many possibilities that might work. So, to prove my point, there are many realistic possibilities for every golf shot!

On a side note, I used a sand wedge and played my shot aggressively. I was about 4 yards from the pin and made the 12 footer for birdie. I was very happy with the shot and even happier with the putt.

So, not it is your turn! What shot do you see?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Tell Me The Possibilities of This Golf Shot

  1. I’m guessing, since I don’t see a shadow for the flag that the sun is almost directly overhead or slightly on the left and just behind. So I think maybe I would play it hands a little forward to deloft a little and wrists locked, ball about an inch behind center stance so I can be aggressive without lifting the ball too high, and still generate some spin to stop the ball with my sand or gap wedge depending on how far back behind the overhanging branches I am. I might also set on the face of one or two less lofted clubs to see what angle I might get so I can try and bounce it off the top of the hill, but like you said, I’d rather try and clear it because there is no telling what happens to the ball when you bounce it off the turf.

    I have myself a real dilemma. I am condo shopping this week getting ready to move. Closing on my house is coming up fast so I don’t have a lot of time to make a decision. Over the last two days I found two likely candidates. One very close by, which works best for continuing to help my mother in law with her medical and other needs (though those are basically under control now since I’ve been able to get her help from local agencies for most of the things I’ve been doing for her) and my daughter can walk to college. The other one, which is in a much bigger and nicer complex (about 30 buildings instead of 3) is an hour away to the north of me and my daughter would have to switch campuses and take a bus to her college classes (she’s never wanted to learn to drive). The farther condo though has some real benefits. As a young man 40 years ago I used to deliver lazy boy chairs to people living in the bigger complex every so often and my visit there today amazed me because the complex looks like time stood still. It’s just as clean and fresh looking today as it was back then. They really take excellent care of the place. And it has another benefit. One that is pertinent to your blog. It has two golf courses. An 18 hole course and a 9 hole course and the residents play free as one of the benefits of living there. The purchase price for the larger complex is only a 10k more, but amazingly the nicer complex has a lower monthly HOA fee so after only about 10 years, it would still end up being cheaper. There are of course other differences I have to weigh, but I thought I’d share this part. So besides the money issue, the question is: to golf free the rest of my life or not? Decisions, decisions. 😂


  2. Good morning.
    For me the best option would be to go with the pitching wedge. It is my favorite club and I have a lot of confidence in using it. In the shot you described, I think confidence is key. The seven iron into the hill is too chancy and the last option, the sand wedge? Well I have nicknamed mine “magic or tragic” so you know how I feel about that one.

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