When Is The Best Time to Start Anything Golf?

I try to appeal to a wide variety of golfers. It is a challenge sometimes because I can have a tendency to focus on fundamentals and yet become too technical. It is a tightrope to walk and today is no different. If you are a beginner or long in the tooth, it is inevitable that you will have to make changes to your game. The real question for most of us is when is the best time to commit to making a change. Well, I came across this meme yesterday and it seemed to fit perfectly!


I am pretty sure that this meme is self-explanatory. However, I do take not of it as it addresses one of my biggest challenges to change: procrastination. Yup, I am not afraid to admit this and it is something I work to improve daily….well maybe I will start that tomorrow. 😉

My golf game continues to evolve. I am pretty sure that over the 40+ years of playing that my game has never had a chance to plateau for more than a few months. I believe that to become a scratch golfer, I need to find those golden nuggets that will lower my golf game. It is an never-ending search and one I truly enjoy.

A perfect example of this proverb is a change I made 25 years ago that is really gained momentum over the past 5 years. It was a difficult change, but one I wish I would have adopted when I first started playing. I decided to stick with the interlocking style. Now, you might say I gained greater success earlier than just 5 years ago and you would be right. However, 5 years ago I stopped fighting my grip by trying to adjust it from weak to strong to neutral. I decided to play with a neutral grip, but it was a long road to make that decision. As a result, my handicap dropped 3 strokes that year and I have not looked back.

Planting the seeds of success in your golf game starts today. Regardless of your skill level or age, the best time to plant your seed for change in now. Today (or next time you go out) is the day to commit to playing better golf. Of course we do not have to change something everytime, however it is important to pick a path (goal) and work towards it. Sometimes it does take 20 years to truly glean that success you want. And when you do finally reach your goal, it will be very rewarding!

One last point, don’t forget to enjoy the journey towards your goal. Those experiences are just as important as the end state.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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