The Farmer’s Open – A Prelude to a Major

The professional golf world is abuzz with talk about the return of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy for 2020. I have read numerous tweets and articles asking how well these two superstars will fare over the next 9 months. The focus is mostly on Tiger, but Rory is popping up here and there. Unfortunately, it is way to early to focus on their success because winning a golf tournament is really no big deal. And here is why!

For players of Woods and McIlroy’s caliber, winning a golf tournament is nice, but not really in their cross hairs. These two players are focused on winning majors and build (as all the top players do) their schedule around the Majors and Ryder Cup. The FedEx Cup is nice because of the payday, but in the big scheme of things it really means nothing.

Of course every win Woods makes will add to his overall total of winningest professional male golfer, but even that I think is secondary to trying to eclipse Jack Nicklaus’ 18 Major win record. At this stage in Woods career, Majors are really the only thing that counts. Don’t get me wrong, Tiger is a competitor and is trying to win, but the taste of victory is not quite as sweet.

Rory McIlroy has 27 professional wins (18 on the PGA) including 4 majors. Unfortunately, he has not won a major since 2014. This does weigh heavy on his mind I am sure. He is the best player in the world right now, but without a recent Major win other players are overshadowing his stellar play. I am confident is saying that Majors are his focus in 2020.

The Farmer’s Open is just the start of a long grueling season for Woods and McIlroy. They will play their schedule so they can peak for the Majors. If they win any place else, it is a bonus. With the new compressed Major schedule, it will be more challenging than in the past, but I think these two greats are ready, able and willing to win on the big stage again.

How do you think Woods and McIlroy will fair this year?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Open – A Prelude to a Major

  1. Jim
    Another great topic. I don’t think players of this caliber think about “not winning” while playing non-Major events. They are always in win mode. It’s not something you turn off. Woods wants to eclipse Snead and continue the chase for 19 majors.
    Woods is clearly capable of winning another major. He has the distance and his iron play is the best on the planet – ever.
    Rory wants to get more wins and build momentum. He’s a fabulous player.
    Brooks will have to figure out if his knee will be healthy. The modern golf swing is very demanding on the left knee for right handed players.
    Just a couple years ago we saw DJ look unstoppable.
    I think Rory will win a major. I think TW will win one. He wants to eclipse that number of 18.

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    • Linley,

      Not sure I agree that Tiger another Major. But, we will all watch him try. I think health will be his biggest challenge.

      I can agree that the pros want to win when playing, but are selective in their events more now than ever.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I think McIlroy will win one major but not that elusive first Masters. Tiger goes 0 for 4 in the big ones. McIlroy may be the best player on paper but I think Koepka is still the guy to beat in the majors. It’s phenomenal how he times his game for them.




    • Brain,

      I was wondering who would bring up Koepka. I will interested to see if he can keep up his stellar play during the Majors. I think Rory is due and Tiger will be skunked as well. I am not sure about the compressed Major schedule. We shall see how it goes this year.

      Cheers Jim

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