Keeping the Birdie Streak Alive

Have you ever played a string of holes where birdies came easily. I have from time to time (most ever is 4 in a row) and after two, I start to pay attention to how well I am playing. This is where the streak generally ends….when I start to pay attention. Without out a doubt, this is a mental issue and one if have found a solution too! Yup, I think I have solved this challenge and for good.

When I suggest it is all mental, I think you can all agree that I am right. I mean if my swing is grooved so well that I shoot 2 or more birdies in a row, why would I ever want to change it. Well, I start to think and then kick myself for doing so.

What do I think about, well it starts with a wow I am playing very well right now; I wonder what is different; I need to make sure I continue; should I play a bit more conservative?; what do I need to change to keep the streak alive; do I need to change anything. All of this and more in a matter of seconds. My mind is racing so fast, I forget to stay focused in the moment on my golf game.

After getting my control back, I found that if I focus on keeping my head still on the next shot is enough to clear my mind. It seems very simple, but that is it. This one mental thought chases away all the chatter and allows me to stay in the zone of playing well. We know that the birdie streak will end, but it should not end because we force the issue to start playing poorly. So, for me, keeping my head still is the key.

The mental part of the game is unique to each player. You will have a different swing thought that works for your game that may not work for mine. So, I ask you: do you have a swing that that clears your mind before your next shot?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Keeping the Birdie Streak Alive

  1. One season I noticed this as I had a great three months of multi birdies and eagles. Four in 9 holes was the best. I had a hard time staying in the moment, looking ahead was the big issue for me, just playing a poor mental game in my mind was the problem. Once that got some what worked out I actually broke par with the help of 6 birdies. Stopped playing as a member for 7 years after that season and was very happy to get back to the game last season. Now to see if I can find some of my old form this coming season if all go’s well. Have fun out there, stay confident and believe in ever attempt it only ends after 18 holes. Always enjoy reading your thoughts even if I don’t reply to them. Enjoy the rest of the winter.


  2. Jim, if I’m trying to clear my mind it’s probably because I’m playing badly and thinking about too much. What has worked for a decent period of time is to chuck all swing thoughts and just think “target”. When you do this it feels like you’re speeding up your swing. Probably because you’re removing all mechanical components, but it does work. . . for a while 🙂



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