Putting Tips From Rick Shiels

I follow Rick on YouTube. I find that he is very good at explaining the technical aspects of his topic and thus it is easy for me to follow. I came across this 6 minute video on putting. Interestingly, I do all the things he mentions to some degree when I put. Therefore, instead of me trying to explain everything, I thought I would let Rick show you.

Before watching the video, keep in mind that Rick is mentioning 5 habits of tour pros, I suggest that you adopt them if you want to improve your putting. But, modify them to match your game. For example, I do not use the line on the ball, but a point just two feet in front of my ball on my intended line. It accomplishes the goal Rick is espousing. I think you get my point.

So, how many of Ricks points do you do? Do you think they have value?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Putting Tips From Rick Shiels

  1. Jim, I do them all except for the line. I tried but couldn’t line the line up on my intended line :). Much more effective without it but had to iterate through that experiment a couple years ago to find out what works for me.



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  2. I fail in two areas. I seldom walk around the hole and I don’t align the ball, I align the putter. I’ve often seen the pros align the ball, then back up and check it and realign it. When I tried it, I felt like I never got it right until the third time and even then it left me feeling iffy about it. Picking a spot in front of the ball to line my putter up with has brought me more confidence. But I suppose I should just practice aligning the ball more to build confidence in that procedure.


    • Kevin,

      I have tried aligning the ball as well. It does not work for me. I feel I am always aiming left. I pick the spot as well. I think it amounts to the same thing in the long run; picking and putting on the right line.

      Cheers Jim


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