2100th Post at The Grateful Golfer

Recently, I was asked how many articles I have written at this golf blog. At the time, I actually did not know, but I figured it was around 2000. Well, I am just 100 off an in the big scheme of things, it is no big deal. Or is it? I mean what does 100 articles actually mean. Well, let me tell you!

First, since inception, The Grateful Golfer has been live for:

  • How many days ago… 2809 days
  • How many weeks ago… 401 weeks
  • How many months ago… 92 months
  • How many hours ago… 67416 hours
  • How many minutes ago… 4044960 minutes
  • How many seconds ago… 242697600 seconds

These numbers are quite astounding because it demonstrates that nothing of personal value comes without a price. The Grateful Golfer is still my mental outlet for combating the dark trails of fighting off cancer, twice. It allows me to expand my brain, learn new things, and stay grounded in my current journey. So, until the value of writing becomes less important, I will continue to share my views on all things golf.

For those who do not understand the challenges of writing a golf article everyday; it takes approximately 1.5 hours (start to finish) to write one article. So, reaching back to the 100 articles I missed; that is 150 hours of effort I put into my writing. That equates to about 4 weeks work if it was a job. Thus, 100 articles does have an impact that should not be overshadowed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not fussed about understating the number of articles I have written, but I did not realize the time and effort that the took.

I am not going to bore you with a plethora of numbers because that is not what this blog is about. In the big scheme of things and if I was to boil my efforts down to one word, it would be connecting! Yes, it is that simple. I use writing for first and foremost to connect with myself. It is an outlet that allows me to expand my personal horizons, views, and knowledge. Connecting all of these, and more, is worth writing almost every day.

But, there is more. I connect so many people. As my life flashes by, I realize that connecting with my friends, you the reader, other golfers, local businesses, and strangers from around the world through my blog is very important. Focusing on writing helps me stay engaged with the world around me.

So dear readers, today is a bit of a milestone. 2100 articles is a feat I did not think I would reach. But alas, here we are. On a side note, one other milestone I hope to surpass this year is 500,000 views. If all goes well, it should happen around October. The Universe has a unique way of giving us what we want and it my case it delivered by encouraging me to write. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to connect with myself and so many with each key stroke.

In case you think I forgot, writing about golf has improved my golf game. I am able to open my mind and views on how to play better because I write about my favourite sport. As I continue to expand my knowledge, I hope that it continues to connect my mind and physical games to reach my ultimate goal of being a scratch golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “2100th Post at The Grateful Golfer

  1. Well I’m homeless for the next ten days while I wait for the closing on my new place. But after moving about 9 tons these past few days, I’m appreciating a hotel with room service.

    Congrats on your 2100’st article and the 500k views. I’d call those proper milestones. You should be proud.

    On another note, I saw an ad for a new golf gadget today. It’s not meant to help your game, but does seem to almost accidently provide feedback on your swing path while doing it’s main job of alleviating one of golfs rather minor frustrations so I thought I’d share.



    • Kevin

      Thanks for the support. Enjoy the time off. I understand how moving yourself is a taxing endeavour. As far as the tee goes, well I am not sure I will buy any. I do not really see the value. I use a plastic knife tee that rarely breaks. I generally use about 2 a season. I wear them out before they break. So, no real cost savings for me. Thanks for the link though.

      Cheers Jim


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