Jordan Spieth Analyzing a Golf Shot

Sometimes social media provides a rare and valuable glimpse into the thought process of professional golfers. This information is will help any amateur understand that stepping up and hitting their same shot without concern of the variables around them is folly. Read on and hear how Spieth works through this shot.

Spieth hit the low shot and made a fantastic shot given the crowds response. What I also like is how the caddie said nothing and let Spieth work through the entire shot. This, I think, helped Spieth build confidence by talking out the shot before stepping up. Overall, I think there is a valuable lesson here for us all.

Do you mentally talk through shots like this? I sure do.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Jordan Spieth Analyzing a Golf Shot

  1. Yeah love that little clip. I’m really enjoying looking at the terrain and wind and working out what shot to hit too. It’s a fun part of the game, and you do need to pick a shot and have a clear picture if you are weighing up a couple of alternatives as Jordan was here. Otherwise you get the not this or that, but in between what you were going for. Having said that I have simplified my tee thoughts most of the timd (to just hitting driver and aiming middle). Its after that shot us done that I get more creative.

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