The LPGA Season Is Well Underway

I find it interesting that the LPGA season is underway and I do not read that much about the action. Being Canadian, I am always interested to find the results of my fellow Canadians, but it is something I need to search for daily. For example, Brooke Henderson finished T4 last weekend and it was not as obvious in the news as any male PGA Tour player doing something goofy. Is it just me or the LPGA does not garner then coverage they deserve!

I am not trying to create a chasm between professional golf tours because I think there are enough articles on that topic. However, I am suggesting that the LPGA could grab a bit more of the spot light in professional golf. Personally, the play on the LPGA is more akin to how I play golf and I find it more interesting to watch them manage their rounds.

Having offered the question, news from the LPGA website suggests that their notoriety is growing. The prize money is growing and so is their exposure. With a significant increase is viewership at the opening tournament – The Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions presented by Insurance Office of America – shows that the tide might be turning.

Don’t get me wrong, watching the best on the PGA Tour is great fun and exciting. Watching these players crush the ball and make amazing approach shots from what seems miles away does catch one’s attention. Of course their is the Tiger Effect and the young superstars offer a possibility of greatness with every shot, but I think the LPGA might be able to offer the same sort of excitement.

Maybe it is how the LPGA tournaments are covered. Do the commentators offer build the same type of hype as that of the PGA? I am sure there are many reasons why the LPGA does not seem to garner the same attention, but I for one enjoy watching the LPGA tournaments as much as the PGA events. How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The LPGA Season Is Well Underway

  1. I prefer watching the LPGA over the PGA. There is more to learn from the girls that relates to our games IMHO. And some of those girls hit longer drives than most men I’ve played with can manage.

    I remember playing behind an LPGA pro (Brittany Lincicome) in a charity tournament for the 1st tee a few years ago on one of our local public courses and it was amazing to see her in action. Her boyfriend, a long drive champion hit a 400 yard drive or two that impressed, but she beat the pants off him (and of course me) playing from the same tee box.


    • Kevin,

      We are on the same page. I think their game has plenty to offer in the way of teaching amateurs to play. I be playing behind Brittany Linicicome would have been very interesting. I have not been so fortunate to watch any professional play. However, I did go to a PGA Canada workshop with some up and coming pros, that was very very interesting.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I hardly watch any LPGA. I get that their games are more similar to ours, but I like watching folks do what I cannot. Imagine watching professional football or baseball at our level. Would be rather dis-interesting, eh?

    In all seriousness, the LPGA could put on a more appealing product by making the courses more difficult. I.e. stop putting the flags in the middle of the greens and lengthening the holes somewhat. When have you ever watched an LPGA event and seen any players really struggle with the course, like in a men’s US Open? I can’t recall one. Seems like the setups are made for easy success and under par rounds. Also, the LPGA has an image problem. Not many of their players, outside of Brooke Henderson, are charismatic and/or controversial. The games of the best players are rather similar. Other than watching 240 yard drives down the middle, what’s the major draw?



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    • Brian

      Almost great points. I don’t mind watching the straight hitting players albeit shorter than the male pros. I fo get watching far superior players to see what is possible, but watching the LPGA also helps my game. An image problem, that is entirely possible.

      Cheers Jim

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