Forgetting to Keep Positive On the Golf Course

From time to time I forget that keeping positive and grateful is how I like to experience any round of golf. I sometimes catch myself focusing on the wrong things. I am more concerned with what I am doing wrong than what I am doing right. It is a negative spiral that I try to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately…..

I remember one round a few years back where I lost all focus and virtually complained about my game for 12 holes. My game started off okay, but on the third hole I remember sculling across the green into a sand trap. Two shots later I was on the green and three putts later the ball was in the hole. Needless to say I was so angry at myself I could have spit nails!

Well, the next 12 holes really sucked. I was even questioning why I wanted to continue playing. Even when I made good shots, I tore it down. I was my own crab in a bucket and seemed unable to rescue myself from this negative funk. It really was horrible!

Looking back, I often wonder why I did not walk off the course (which I never do!). I realize that I had to at least finish nine because it is a cardinal rule of mine: Never quit part way through nine holes. I throwing so much negativity around, I really could not stand myself. I was so focused on the littlest bad thing that I forgot that I was out there to enjoy myself. Then I arrived at the par 5 16th hole.

Suddenly, something happened. I say a beautiful picturesque landscape that seem to immediately snap me out of my funk. It look something like this:

My favorite hole at Osprey Links!

I mean, how can I stay focused on negative stuff when I have the opportunity to look at such a beautiful golf hole. In the picture I am standing on the 16th fairway just off the red tees. For some reason it took my breath away.

Well, for the last three holes, I remember why I like golf and had a great 25 minutes. My mind cleared and I started appreciating everything about being on the golf course. My round was saved and those rounds that came after. For me, golf is about being grateful and trying to play in the moment. Thank goodness for the above landscape because it really makes my day.

Do you ever feel this way?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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