Do You Have a Golf Comfort Zone?

We all like making the heroic shot that wins the match or saves strokes. Generally, it happens when we are not in our comfort zone and we have to attempt a shot that is more challenging then we would like. This is not an unusual situation, but one most amateurs (in any sport) try to avoid by staying comfortably in a zone that causes them the least about of stress. Unfortunately, it is the place of comfort what is an anchor to your golf game. I know it was to mine!

For years, I played in my comfort zone by only using 6 clubs regardless of the situation. I was confident with this limit selection because I felt I could make the best shots with them. Unfortunately, staying in this comfort zone limited my ability as a player to constantly improve. Yes, I did plateau (anticipating your question) and until I made stressful changes, I was never going to be the player I wanted to be.

The paradigm shift I am talking about where I consciously stepped out of my comfort zone happened three times over the past 40 years. The first is when I broke 90, the second 80, and the last was about six years ago when I decided I wanted to be a scratch golfer. Each of these times took a dramatic change to my approach to golf and as a result, good things happened.

My last major change is still ongoing. I have experienced a few physical road blocks and a few mental ones as well. It is the mental ones that are the most challenging to conquer. The current roadblock deals with approach shots. For some reason I am convincing myself to stop being aggressive. Yup, it seems strange, but I have allowed fear to creep into my mind and I seem to bail out when the shot gets tough. The funny thing is that I was never like this in the past and I do not know what has changed. I know I need to be aggressive on my approach shots, but for some reason I convince myself otherwise. It is very frustrating.

But, I am not deterred. I will conquer this next hurdle because it is stopping me from my goal. My dream is big enough and as such I am okay with stepping out of my comfort zone in order to achieve my goals. It is something I have done in the past and because of that I am okay with creating a new normal for my golf game (and life). It is a matter of having the desire to keep moving forward!

Unfortunately, I cannot work on my approach shots yet, but make no mistake that this year I will be more aggressive and accept the roller coaster ride of success. It is just the way it has to be.

Do you have a golf comfort zone? Does it hurt your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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