Who Would You Play Golf With Again?

Over the years I have had amazing opportunities to play golf with some unique and fun players. Through my travels I have played golf with an astronaut, TV celebrity, successful business people, and complete strangers. During all those games, I think the I would like to play golf one last time with Col Robert Springer, Commander of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Of course I would love to play golf with my Mom and Dad, but will never happen and I thought I would name a person who impacted my life on and off the course.

I played golf with Colonel Springer for only 9 holes. He was pressed for time, but being my cart mate we had plenty of time to talk. He relayed one story I remember to this very day.

During his 5 day mission, he used to rest in the cockpit of the space shuttle. He would sit and watch the earth go by and marvel at its beauty. He loved to take pictures and generally had his camera with him. He said that at one time he nodded off. His camera was sitting 3 inches off his chest when he closed his eyes and when he woke up it was still floating where he left it. I mean how cool is that story! Of course there were many more, but this one sticks out more than any other!

There are other stories over the years and they are locked in my memory bank. Golf has provided so many awesome experiences. I do consider myself blessed and grateful for it all!

Who would play golf with again?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Who Would You Play Golf With Again?

  1. Jim, what a cool story!

    I’d love to play again with my grandfather. Last round with him was in 1977, the year that he passed. I have several cool memories of playing with him, and he bought me my first set of clubs. Was an excellent player as well.



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