Business As Usual Preparing For My 2020 Golf Season

With just over a month to go before opening season and I feel now is not the time to change my normal preparation routine. Of course, world events have shocked everyone, but I am hoping that it will be business as usual (tongue in cheek) at my local golf course. Fortunately, we still have about 4 or 5 weeks before opening day and I am hoping that some resemblance of normal will return. Regardless, I am continuing my preparation to ensure that I am ready for my first swing at Osprey Links Golf Course.

I will have to admit that my preparation up to this point has not been as diligent as I hoped. I am hitting balls into my driving net and using my orange whip/peel, but the other things like stretching and cardio seems to be lacking. Well, that all changes today. It is important to ensure that I take a well rounded approach to playing golf early in the spring.

As I prepare for a full season on the links, I reached out to Jeff Rogerson, Managing Director and GM at Osprey Links, to see how things were progressing for opening day. He indicated that some things will have to change in the club house to address the current medical challenges around the world, but is hopeful that everything will be in working order come 15 April (my date not his). Of course he indicated that everyone is still on the ‘wait and see what happens mode’ and will update things as time progresses.

As I get ready for my golf season, one of my regular playing partners is down south with Mickey playing as we speak. I appreciate Rick sending my some motivational pictures, but I am not sure I would not be distracted by the cart!

Rick and Steve getting ready to play.

I am still preparing for my 2020 golf season. I think it is time to pick up my socks and get serious. But, I will tell you that swinging the clubs almost everyday is a blessing and I am grateful to have the room to practice. Golf season is only a month away and I will be ready.

How about you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Business As Usual Preparing For My 2020 Golf Season

  1. Jim, keeping BAU is very important given all the hysteria. At least around here it is. Hopefully, you’ll have your opening day and minimal changes to your routine. Almost everything has changed around here and my biggest fear is that people will over-isolate and this blizzard mentality (hoarding) will continue. I’m doing my best to keep BAU. Yesterday – hit the gym: check. Today, game of tennis with my son – check. Tomorrow golf – hopefully a check.

    I guess the new reality has set in now that they PPD The Masters 😦

    Keep after it!


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    • Brian,

      BAU for sure. I am not surprised that they postponed most of the events. The real money from the fans at the course cannot be overlooked. Hopefully, this all blows over sooner than later. Have fun playing tennis and take it easy on our son!

      Cheers Jim

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  2. If they are playing the Disney Courses in Orlando, I would suggest playing World Woods as well if they have the time. The Brooksville area is close to where they are. The two courses there are both rated top 100 in the country and the pricing is great for what you get. Pine Barrens, the seeming favorite to most, has been used for tour play in the past and Rolling Oaks is described as Augusta like. I’ve always been partial to Rolling Oaks myself but that’s likely just because this is Florida and that course isn’t typical for the area whereas Pine Barrens has a decided Florida feel to it.

    I got a round in yesterday. It was a bit of an up and down kind of day but the good shots were really good. And the day started “almost” perfect. I hit a 3 iron off the tee on the short par 4 and since the back tees were set just inside where the white tees usually sit I was able to reach the green 220 yards away with the help of a tailwind. I got a disappointing bounce off the side of the green though and ended up across the cart path with the ball resting at the bottom of a little hill. But I was flag high and had a swing though it looked a bit tougher standing over it than it played. I popped it up on the green and rimmed the hole. It refused to fall but a 2 inch putt for birdie on the first hole after almost holing out leaves you feeling pretty confident. The trouble came a little later. I hit a 6 iron and double crossed it sending the ball into the adjacent fairway on a 165 yard tee shot into a slight breeze. I double crossed three or four more times during the day. But I also hit a few really pretty little draws. I know double crossing is the cross you bear when bringing a draw back into the game, so I accept it because I know it won’t be long before those kind of shots are more of a rarity. I’m taking it slow on this one. I really, really want to have a fade, draw, or straight shot at my disposal and on call. Playing to raised greens all the time, it can be a very useful ability.

    One thing for sure, with two courses on site here and year round golf, I’ll have plenty of time to work on it.


    • Kevin

      Sounds like you are in the perfect spot for your game. Lots of opportunity to play year around. I bet you are glad you picked this condo. A chip in eagle would have been a great way to start any round. Keep playing well.

      Cheers Jim


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