Doing the Tiger Woods Twirl

If you like watch older golf videos of great players, then you likely have watched the Tiger Twirl. This happens when Tiger Woods hits a fantastic shot and spins his club around in a sort of celebration type move. It really is cool to watch and in his younger years he really put a lot of effort into this particular aspect of his showmanship. I am not sure it was intention, but it sure is fun to watch.

Before delving into whether you twirl your club or not, I think it is a good idea to provide a demonstration about what I am talking about:

You will notice that every time Tiger hits a great shot, he twirls his club. When he hits a fantastic shot the fist pump comes out, but the twirl, in my opinion, is his signature golf finish. Surprisingly, he is not the only player who does this as many of you mimic his finish:

I am sure that many players have their own unique way to celebrate. Personally, I do not twirl my club, I try hold my pose as if 10,000 photographers are taking my picture. I never really thought about adopting Tiger Woods’ twirl because he makes it look so easy, I am sure I would drop my club if I tried.

The important aspect of the twirl is that it signifies that he is very happy with his shot. As a viewer, this is important because when he is playing his best, I think the twirl fires him up even more and magic can happen. Over his decade of dominance, Tiger probably twirled his golf club thousands of times; the means he consistently hit many, many great golf shots. Boy, wouldn’t that be nice!

Do you twirl your club at the end of a great golf shot or do you have another act of showmanship you like to do?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Doing the Tiger Woods Twirl

  1. Jim, I don’t twirl but have adopted the drop that accompanies the twirl. Don’t know if I picked it up from Tiger or somewhere else but I know I do it. I also wonder where Phil got the pre-shot twirl from. Watch him on every shot as he sets up. He’s always twirling the club head close to the ground.



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  2. Yeah, I twirl. After the pose, but I know I do it on occasion. I think I do it more when I play alone than when I’m in a group. And rather than showmanship, I think of it more as an expression of personal satisfaction.

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