So You Think You Can Hit A Stinger

I can say without question I rarely use a stinger golf shot. It is not one of those things that I have practiced much either, but I feel I can hit one if I have too. I want to thank Kevin for today’s inspiration because he sent me the video at the end of this article. Can you hit a stinger on command?

The stinger is a very low shot used to keep the ball close to the ground and produce a tremendous about of roll. During the modern era, I would suggest that Tiger Woods made this shot popular. He used this particular golf shot off the tee more than anywhere else because of his ability to shape his ball on command. The following is Tiger Woods description of how he hits a stinger:

For amateur golfers, I think this description is too far advanced. So, I thought I would describe the steps I use to hit a stinger:

  • I use a 4-iron or 3 hybrid. The 4-iron is my club of choice
  • I place my ball on ball width past center towards my trail foot
  • I use a slightly steeper downswing than normal so I can trap the ball
  • On contact, I try not quieten my wrists through contact
  • I stop my follow through at shoulder height, but ensure it stays on my target line.

This is how I produce a stinger. It is a shot that many golfers like to use, but I am not that enamored with it. I find that the stinger is more difficult to control off the tee so I avoid it if I can.

If I need to make a shot between 170 and 190 yards very low, then I will use this stroke. Generally, this happens when am extricating from a poor position or trying to hit under a branch. I guess I consider my stinger as something to use to get out of trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, the stinger is a valuable golf shot, but not for my game. However, if I could hit a stinger like the gentlemen below maybe I would reconsider:

Can you hit a stinger? If so, do you hit it often?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Hit A Stinger

  1. The stinger is an awesome shot perfected by TW. I love it and use it often on hard firm golf courses or in the wind. I don’t think it’s called a stinger if you have to punch out low
    from below trees. And I think the stinger is a long iron shot. In other words you don’t hit a PW stinger. It’s not any accidentally hit low shot. I love the shot and like i said earlier TW has perfected it.

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  2. I’ve historically hit more stingers than tall flighted shots. But that was mostly before I fixed how I grip the club. Now I save those shots for when I think they are needed and have to practice the swing a few times to dial in what I want before trying to hit one. But I still find that a useful shot to try sometimes. There’s a lot of wind to deal with sometimes here and a low trajectory can help on a lot of different shot types.

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