Forget It, I am Done!

Not sure if the title caught your attention, but it is how I am feeling right now. If you rolled all my golf challenges up into a little ball it would be the “Stay Puffed” monster from Ghost Busters! Golf sucks and this COVID thing can just hit the road. Worst of all, I am stress that I will never reach any goals…..okay, I have to stop. I about kick my own butt for being dopey!

Before you leave The Grateful Golfer and think that I am crazy, it is important that you sit back, take a sip of your favourite beverage and close your eyes (only metaphorically of course) and let your imagination follow the words that are about to unfold before your very eyes (I hope this was not too much, but you get the point).

Golf can be a struggle. In some cases, it can be overwhelming, but it is important remember that we choose to hit the links. In my case it has many other benefits that enriched my life. I have not written about being grateful for a while and today’s article is a bit about that.

  • how can I be disappointed when I shot 3 birdies in 9 holes
  • how can I be discourage watching a friend hit an awesome shot that was two inches from a hole in one
  • how can I not have inspiration when I meet an old friend and laugh for the entire round
  • how can I not love a game that keeps me motivated and inspired
  • how can life be bad when I can share this game and “the duck” with one of my best friends
  • how can golf not expand our horizons and offer challenges that other sports cannot

I started The Grateful Golfer just over 8 years ago to help drag me out of the dark abyss of my health issues. By starting to write about my favourite sport, I opened many doors that led to greater healing. Although I had a relapse in 2018, golf was there every step of the way to help me cope with all my health challenges.

And to my surprise, I am am 25,000 views away for a half a million and 23,000 visitors away from 300,000. The reason I am telling you these numbers is to impress that I did not achieve my success of coping with my health issues without you, the reader. The interaction I have had over the years has been just as beneficial as my writing, if not more. Additionally, the support of my friends over the years has been very inspiring. How lucky am I!?

I continue to write about golf because it brings me joy (no cliche intended). I realize that many of my posts are the “golf world according to me”, but it sparks conversation and that is what my writing on The Grateful Golfer is all about. The interactions and conversations with like minded golfers helps keep the hounds at bay. So, this whole diatribe is sets up this one statement:

Thanks for being in my corner!

Golf is great on and off the course. I look forward to writing about my favourite sport every day because it helps. I am so grateful for the opportunity to routinely bend your ear and to hear your feedback on my musings. Life is good!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Forget It, I am Done!

  1. Jim, your daily musings and continual expressions of gratitude help us keep a great perspective on golf and life. “Writing is a fantastic outlet, please don’t ever stop.” This was advice given to me by a career coach I was working with about 18 months ago, when I told him I wrote a blog. It’s true. You’ve obviously had some significant health challenges and I’m very happy we as readers can provide the cathartic outlet and creative platform that helps you. In short, keep ’em coming!
    Stay safe!

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    • Brian,

      I have found that writing is part of my daily routine. It is easier to do in the summer with new experiences to write about, so I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. And writing is a fantastic outlet for sure. Life is grand!

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Jim, you are an inspiration to all of us. You can add that to the list of the good things that come out of this.
    Take good care and have fun. Jacques

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  3. I’d say we have more reason than ever to be grateful right now just being healthy. I’m certainly grateful your headline and first paragraph were leading us on. 😂

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