Lipping Out Is So Very Frustrating

How many times have you hit the perfect putt only to graze the lip. It looked like your ball was heading for the center of the cup until it veers off at the last minute. Well, this unfortunate happenstance occurred no less than 5 times in my last round, talk about frustrating!

Putting after my return from treatments!

Not to brag, but I consider myself a fairly solid putter. I mean, you do not become a single digit handicapper without being able to hit the flat stick.

However, ever once in awhile, I struggle on the greens. I would consider my last round one of those times. As mentioned, I lipped out 5 times and still shot a 78. This challenge on the green turned a possibly great round into a mediocre one (remember scores are relative to the player). I actually spent sometime after the round trying to dissect why I was off by just 1° (this line was for Kevin and our discussion on speed vs line) 🙂

After my time spent focusing on introspection, I came up with the reason I missed so many putts today. Are you ready? Yeah, it made no sense.

I hit the ball too hard, too soft, and off-line slightly. Of the 5 putts that lipped the cup, none were consistently poor. So, since I feel that I hit the right putt, I will stack up my misfortune to ‘that is how the ball rolls’. It just happens sometimes and yesterday was my day to pay the fiddler.

Having said that, today I will continue using the same strategy as always; hit the ball past the hole and read the break appropriately. Now is not the time to panic, but the time to double down. I need stay the course and continue to use the putting technique that has proven to be successful over the past years.

My putting woes is actually a great lesson for most amateur golfers. Sticking with what works (regardless of what it is) is the right course of action most of the time. Changing course because of one poor round is like trying to catch rainbows. It might be fun at first, but fruitless over time. In my case, I need to continue using my grooved putting technique and expect the putts to drop during the next round.

Have you ever experienced similar putting woes?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Lipping Out Is So Very Frustrating

  1. Brian’s right. The farther from the hole we are, the more accurate we have to be. 1 degree off from 1 foot is still in the hole but from 6 foot, a lip out or worse might be assured. I fall back on my statement that both line and speed are required. And that complicates things. Lipping out often in a round might make me want to scream, but I won’t. And I won’t sacrifice my children to the golf gods either. Lol I’ll grin and bear it and next time out those putts will drop.


  2. Jim, sometimes you hit the perfect putt and it just doesn’t go in because 4 1/4″ is a small target. All you can do is hit it on your intended line with a good stroke. Now if your five lip outs were on 3-footers we might have a different conversation, but you didn’t mention, so I assume that’s not the case. Your stay the course strategy is correct as long as you’re satisfied with the roll you’re putting on it.



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