Using a Breakfast Ball on the First Tee

How many of you jump out of your car, run to the first tee, and proceed to pound a ball into the woods? Or, your course does not have a range so there is no place warm up and you duff your first tee shot. These are not unusual events in golf and as such the creation of the “breakfast ball” has gained significant popularity. It is a way to make golf fun and I think this is not such a bad idea.

For those unfamiliar with the term “breakfast ball”, it is basically a mulligan on the first tee. Many players have challenges hitting their first tee shot of the day and to avoid starting off with a penalty have adopted the idea of hitting another ball in play. It offers an opportunity to start their round off on the correct foot.

If you are wondering, the concept of a “breakfast ball” is very popular as noted by the results of a poll I ran:

Basically half the players in golf use a mulligan on the first tee. Of the many respondents, most use it when they did not have any time to warm up. And, that is a legit statement. To make it all legal, Jake Weaver came up with the perfect loophole:

Brilliant Jake, just brilliant!

To be fair to all respondents, there were a few that were adamant that this practice was rubbish. If it is not part of the rules, it is not part of the game. I respect their view, however unless you are playing in a tournament, I do not see the harm of a “breakfast ball” on the first tee only. For all purposes, does it really matter. Is this a question that has us chasing a rabbit down the rabbit hole?

I have to admit that I have used a “breakfast ball” from time to time. We have no practice facility at my golf course and it generally takes the first couple of swings to warm up….just a bit. So, starting my round off with a ball in play is good for me mentally and it is just more fun. I do not employ this practice all the time, but sometimes we are out there just to have fun. And before anyone asks, I sometimes use this score in my handicap. I know many will think this a bad practice, but golf so much that this practice has little to no impact on my overall index. However, in a competition, everything is strictly by the book!

The “breakfast ball” is designed to make golf fun. For 50% of the people, they do not see a harm in this practice. Personally, I do not either and I do not care if players want to use it outside of competitions. I do believe in the rules and follow them very closely when I play. However, from time to time, I just want to have some fun and hitting a ball in play off the first tee is a great way to start.

Do you ever use a “breakfast ball”?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Using a Breakfast Ball on the First Tee

  1. I hang my head and say I have used the breakfast ball. I never heard of it when I lived on Canada but I come to “the land of the free…” and behold you are able to hit the breakfast ball. I don’t like it. It I’m guilty of having used it.


  2. There is almost always money on the line when I play so “breakfast balls” are not allowed. Even playing casual rounds I do not use them as I want a score I can post.

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  3. I’m liking this idea! In these COVID ravaged times, we have to stay in our cars until 10 minutes before tee time and then grab our card and head straight to the box. As you say, starting the round with a ball in play (& visible) is much more preferable.

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  4. I’ve done it. And I’ve recommended it to others even more. I’ve done it because of bad shots, and because I hit it too good on a course I wasn’t familiar with and so took extra time to club down for the next try. But ‘breakfast ball’ is a new term for me. I like it.

    I will say that I don’t need it nearly as often as I used to. Not when I can go through my full routine before getting on the tee box. My home course now and my last home course both have/had no range to warm up. The advice I found somewhere recommended taking twenty practice swings with the club you plan to tee off with before stepping out to the tee box. That I can manage a lot more often and I find it does help.

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