How To Get More Out Of Your Golf Game!

Do you want lower golf scores? Do you have a driving desire to squeeze ever drop of skill from your game? Is it possible that you have more room to grow on the golf course. If you do, then you need to keep reading because I was told the secret to success recently and I think I need to share it so everyone can benefit!

I have been playing golf for 45+ years and been through the ringer, felt the elation of success and the mundane realization that my game was on cruise control or in a rut. I think any golfer who has spend more than a couple of times playing a year understands what I am talking about. Golf can be an emotional roller coaster for those who lose perspective about their abilities to shoot lower golf scores. Golf is partly managing expectations and expecting more! It really can be a catch 22.

I digress, back to getting more out out of your golf game. Before I offer my advice, take a look at this hint to where I am headed:

I am sure you have guessed, but I must continue anyway. Golf is only a game! That is my advice.

Keep the perspective that golf is meant to be fun and we only get out what we put in. If we are unwilling to put in the time to perfect our abilities and develop additional skills, then it is a challenge to think that you are getting the most out of our golf game. It is unrealistic to have high expectations without willing to do something about it.

Recently, I shot even par at Osprey Links Golf Course. I actually should have been under par, but alas I made three poor swings that resulted in a double and two bogies. My four birdies counter those mistakes, yet I was left wanting because I had hope to break par for the first time in 2020. At first I started to get frustrated with the results, then kicked myself in the butt and reminded myself that it golf is only a game and I need to embrace my recent success.

Windsor has nothing to do with the article, but he is really cute and I had to show him!

Once I adopted a better attitude I was able to objectively analyze what I did right and where I can still squeeze a few strokes of success out of my game. If you are wondering, my driving and putting were my strengths and my approach shots are still my challenge area. Although during that game I was 14/18 for GIR, I was too far from the hole to effectively consider most first putts to be good birdie opportunities. I decided to focus on my successes as a way to move forward.

Golf is only a game and keeping this in mind is vital to squeeze the most out of our game. By focusing on what we can do, it will help identify where we need some extra practice. By following this process, we will get the most out of our golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “How To Get More Out Of Your Golf Game!

  1. Jim, you are correct. Most amateurs don’t put enough in and expect too much out of their games. Conversely, I keep reading about pros that put too much in. Typically, they tinker. Recently, I read where Rickie Fowler was messing with his putting. Are you kidding me? This guy is one of the purest putters on the planet. Justin Rose, one of the best iron players on tour, changed his irons. The disruption was so bad that he went back to his old set. There are countless other examples.
    I guess the bigger question is when do you stop putting in effort to change? When is it good enough? Don’t think we’ll ever know but it’s a fascinating problem.

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    • Brian

      You pose a great question. Enough is relative thing, but for amateurs it probably will never stop because of the multiple areas in which we can improve. I guess if I was the top amateur that would be enough. But not there yet.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Golf IS mental. I don’t know if you saw this earlier this week but I highly recommend it. Peter Finch, a UK pro, gives us a peek at what he discussed with hit mental coach. It really is worth the watch.

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