Playing In The First Scramble Tournament Of 2020

It is great to see that charity tournaments are back on the golfing schedule. For the longest time, we were unsure if they would be played given the new COVID policies at the golf course. However, with a few modifications to the tournament format, The Grateful Golfers, (Blair, Rick, Fernando, and myself) put in a team to support the local Humane Society. We tee it up tomorrow and I am just working out the strategy now.

Tournament name of left and sponsors on the right.

Basically, there is no opportunity to gather around in larger groups. We have tee times and at the end of play, we grab a box lunch and hit the road. Of course the banquet is always great fun, but that is a sacrifice all tournaments are making right now to be able to run. It is a minor inconvenience because the important part of the entire day is to support this important charity.

Fernando is new to our team and after his awesome display of solid golf Men’s Night, we decided he should play second. Hit is a very consistent ball in play and sometimes pokes one out there that is helps Blair and I let the big dog eat!

Rick will be our lead off. He is ‘hit and miss’ off the tee, but his short game is where he really shines. Have a lead player get the ball on the green from 70 yards and closer more often than not is a huge bonus for the other players on our team. Additionally, he is solid on the short stuff. As long as he continues to get the ball past the hole (or in sometimes) on the first putt, his contribution to the team is well received.

Blair, our third hitter, has a solid all-around game. At any given time, he will hit a ball that will be sued for sure. Off the tee he is generally as long as me and has the middle game is very important to our team. He helps take the pressure of me (the anchor) many times that allows for a more aggressive approach shot. And being aggressive with players 3 and 4 is really how low scores are posted.

Finally, I round off the team as the anchor. Sometimes I drag the team down, but lately I have been hitting the ball very well. I expect I will be able to put our team in position to score low and see if we have the opportunity to actually win a prize. I hope that I will have the opportunity to play aggressively with my new irons and see if I have my distances dialled in or not.

I am not really sure how we will make out, but I am predicting that we will shoot a 10 under 61 for the round. It is our home course and we should be able to squeeze out some great shots.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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