To Golf In The Rain Or Not

Generally, I will play in the rain as long as it starts raining after I tee off. If it is raining before or the forecast is for a deluge of rain, then I am less likely to tee it up on that day. I feel that I play enough in the good weather not to worry about missing a day or two, now and again. I am not sure if this is good strategy for my overall game, but that is the one I have adopted this year.

I years past, the rain never prevented me from teeing it up. That is unless it was pouring and the course was becoming unplayable. I felt that I had to learn to play in the rain in case I was in a tournament and I could not stop. However, the tournaments I play in now are less competitive and as such, my desire to sharpen that part of my game seems to have waned.

I know that this seems to be the easy way out, especially since I have purchased all the rain gear so I would be as comfortable as possible in the wet conditions. I have towels, club covers, extra large umbrella, wet weather gear, and push cart to carry all my stuff. I am prepared, but don’t seem to have the desire to play in the rain if I can avoid it.

Playing in the Rain! This picture was taken 6 years ago just before a tournament.

Interestingly, I believe that I play well in the rain. It seems to calm my swing and sharpen my focus. I realize that in rainy conditions that be swinging easy produces the best results on the scorecard. I guess it makes sense since not over-swinging helps me maintain balance during the entire range of motion.

Alas, this year I am trying to avoid the rain. It has been a challenge as of late, but that is the nature of golf and a short golf season. Fortunately I have a flexible playing schedule that can be adjust around the weather (and my physical strength, still have some lingering affects from my treatments). I have rescheduled some days, but most were lost to the nature of the weather beast.

Overall, I cannot complain. I am playing plenty of golf, enjoying my playing partners company and scoring fairly well most of the time. How can this be a bad thing, so missing a day or two because of the rain does not seem like a very big deal. Because it isn’t!

Do you play golf in the rain?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “To Golf In The Rain Or Not

  1. Jim
    There are type types of rain- light, heavy, intermittent , pouring and hurricanes ! I try to avoid most rain rounds because it’s not fun. Your glove gets wet. Towels get wet. Grips are wet and no matter how good the gear , I find the rain gear confining and somewhat restrictive.
    The drawback is that you ball usually won’t roll, it’s all carry distances and putting is a pain because it’s hard to gauge the green speed.
    When I lived in Canada 🇨🇦 I would play through the rain unless called off the course due to excessive rain or lightning.

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    • Linley

      You are right, there are many different stages of rain and I don’t mind the very light and intermediate. The rest I try to avoid. We have to take advantage of our short playing season and rain is unavoidable if we want to hit 80 rounds.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Hi Jim,
    I have cancelled o few rounds lately, not just because it was raining, but the temperature was only ten degrees above freezing. Wearing all that wet weather gear on top of the extra warm clothing more ot less makes it impossible to swing a club. Come on summer.


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  4. My bag holds a full rain suit, bucket hat and umbrella. Lightning chases me off, but not rain though like you, I seldom head out when it’s already raining. This past week between some work that came in and daily showers, I’ve missed out on golf, but in the morning, I plan on trying if the weatherman is right about the coming showers timing.


    • Kevin,

      Have fun in the rain. I would imagine Florida has more rain than here in the summer. We have had more than normal, but it is something that we have to adjust too if we want to play lots of golf. Have fun on the links today.

      Cheers Jim


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