To Golf In The Rain Or Not

Generally, I will play in the rain as long as it starts raining after I tee off. If it is raining before or the forecast is for a deluge of rain, then I am less likely to tee it up on that day. I feel that I play enough in the good weather not to worry about missing a day or two, now and again. I am not sure if this is good strategy for my overall game, but that is the one I have adopted this year.

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Do You Wear a Golf Glove?

I do not wear a golf glove. I wore one about 25 years ago, but broke the habit of and cannot remember why. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but the more I look around the golf course, the more I see that I am in the minority.

I am not trying to buck the system; nor am I a rebel, but I do not see the value of wearing a glove while I play golf. Additionally, if it is so valuable, why do players remove it when putting? Shouldn’t a golf glove be important for all shots? Continue reading

It Never Rains on the Golf Course!


Just a bit wet at Osprey Links Golf Course!

Last Friday, I was grateful to have my nephew Darwin drop into town for a quick 18 holes. We had planned this outing for a while, but never seemed to find the right time. Finally, we made the plan and he drove up early in the morning because we had a 7:30 am tee off. The only thing we did not count on was the rain.

Ever the optimist, I told Darwin not to worry because it never rains on the golf course. I told him that I had watched the weather forecast and we were good to go…..well, famous last words. Continue reading

Golfing Shelters

We have all been caught in poor weather on the golf course. Sometimes it creeps up on us and others times we gamble that things will just blow over. Regardless, playing in less than perfect conditions is part of golf.

We talked about being chased from the course in previous articles and this article dovetails perfectly into that article.

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Power, Push or Carry

How do you enjoy your round of golf?  Using a power cart, push cart or carrying your clubs?  The great thing about golf is that any player, at anytime, can decide on how they want to enjoy their round.  But, are there really any benefits to choosing the right mode of transportation when enjoying this awesome game.

As everyone knows, 18 holes of golf is about 4 miles.  A carry back weights about 10 kg or 20 pounds depending on the size of your lunch and the number of golf balls in your bag.  A cart back will weight more to the tune of about 20 kg or 40 pounds.  This seems quite a bit of weight to be moving around for each round of golf.  However, experience tells most golfers that it really is not that big of a deal.

I believe that walking is the best way to go.   The Walking Golfer talks about the benefits of walking and has started a database on rating the walkability of courses. has an article on the benefits of golf.  The Harvard Medical School says that golfing is very good for your overall health. (quoting the Washington Post) says that walking 1 mile burns 322 calories; more if you carry or push your clubs.  Needless to say, there are many benefits to walking and I believe that is the best way to enjoy a round of golf.

“So What?” many of you are asking.  I have not really passed on anything new or unique.  Well let’s think about this topic a bit deeper.  I want to remove the discussion on the benefits of health and focus on the practicality of using a power cart, push cart or to carry your clubs.  As I previously stated, I love to carry my clubs, however I do use all three modes of transport while playing golf.

Carrying clubs is faster and allows a player the opportunity acquire a better feel for the round they are playing.  There are no restrictions on where you can walk and your clubs are always with you if you want to change your club selection.  I carry my clubs early in the morning, on cool days and non-competitive rounds.  This is the majority of the time I spend on the links and thus I carry my clubs more often than not.

Push carts offer some of the same benefits as carrying and allows you to carry more stuff.  For example, when it may rain, I like to pull my clubs.  I can carry my rain suit and umbrella, extra towel, etc.  This is extra weight that I can carry if required, but would prefer not to.  In addition, on really hot sunny days (generally in the middle of the afternoon) I like to push my clubs because of the heat and I can carry lots of water!  I also use my push cart during tournaments.  I have found that most amateur golfers think they are pros during tournaments and normal 4-hour rounds turn into 5 or 6 hour rounds.  Additionally, I can carry food and water to get me through the long rounds.  Lastly, I conserve my energy for when I need it by using a push cart.

Power carts are best during fun tournaments like 4 person scrambles.  We can pick up balls from all over the fairway and return to one location to hit our next shot.  It enables us to spend a bit more time together talking, joking and laughing about something.  Also, I believe power carts are great for players how cannot physically walk 18 holes, but still want to play this awesome game.

Different modes of transporting your clubs during a round of golf has different benefits to each player.  There is no wrong answer; it really depends on what you want to experience while on the links.  Power, push, or carry really does not matter, what matters is that you are doing it.  I am a grateful golfer.

Which mode of transporting your clubs do you prefer?