Being Chased From The Golf Course


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Have you ever been chased from the golf course!  Through the years, I have left the course for only a couple of reasons and in all cases I have to point my finger at mother nature. To clarify, I have left the course after nine, but I do not really consider this being chased of the course. That was a matter of time or just not wanting to play the back nine. Being chased from the course, for me, occurs before or after the turn.

Recently, I asked the question to The Grateful Golfer community and I was not really surprised by their responses. Most were the same, however a couple of the answers were not part of the poll, but they did make me smile.

In most cases, lightning was the root cause for players to leave the course. Some because of rain, and a few less fell into the other category.

Slow play fit the other category the most. I will have to admit that there were some times that slow play was part of my decision to leave after nine holes, but never ‘before or after’ the turn. I think we can all agree that slow play is definitely a pet peeve of most golfers!

Just last fall, mother nature chased me from the course because of rain. We started off in a sprinkle, but by the 3 hole it was coming down. All the greens were soaked and by the end of six holes, Jean and I called “uncleand walked into the club house for a warm coffee!

The best answer came from Tony Dear. When he told me, I was actually surprised! It made me laugh out loud…..

My first question I asked myself was “how do you run out of golf balls?” However, after a bit of reflection I guess I could see how this could happen. I guess this is why I carry a couple of dozen golf balls all the time! I am grateful to Tony for making me laugh.

Most golfers are fairly tough. It takes quite a bit to chase us from the golf course. However, there are times when safety is of concern (with lightning in the area) and leaving the course is the smartest course of action.

After that, it really comes down to how tolerant we are to what is thrown our way. Personally, if I commit to golfing, it is highly unlikely I will leave! How about you? Have you ever been chased from the course?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


13 thoughts on “Being Chased From The Golf Course

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  2. Yes Jim, we were always chased off the links back in the late 70s, the membership was mainly made up of snobs and didn’t care for 8 and 9 year olds out playing on their sacrilegious turf,
    My joined us up on a family membership a few years later and with the strict knowledge that we weren’t allowed to hold anybody up on the course hence to this day if the group I’m in holds anyone back for a mere few minutes I get rushed and start playing quicker losing all feeling of the game and my score is wrecked! We tee off at 7am for this reason and normally finish in 3hours 30 mins, never got out of this habit now 48 years old and played off 1 h/c here in Ireland which would be lower across the pond 😁

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    • Patrick

      I am sure you think your handicap would be lower across the pond, but I am not so sure! 😉 I am the same as you, I do not like to hold anyone up and it can throw my game off. Some courses are very snobish, I tend to stay away from them if I can. Great h/c – that means you have to give me strokes if we ever get a chance to play!



  3. I have only ever left the course because of lightening. I just put my wet weathers on if it starts raining.

    Oh and there was that one time (three weeks ago) I was chased off by the angry french foursome behind me but I refused to leave as they had no idea what they were talking about and were in the wrong.

    Cheers Tiff.

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  4. Jim,

    Typically horrific weather will be the only thing that gets me off the course. We have a lightning detection system at our golf course, and if the siren goes off, you have to take shelter or vacate the course as quick as possible. Once I stopped playing after 6 holes because I hurt my wrist and didn’t want to do further damage, but I stayed with the group the whole round and served as a caddie for Beth!


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