Consistently Chipping The Ball Close

When I miss the green from time to time 😉 I have to rely on my chipping to keep my scores low. Unlike many players, I do not rely on just one club from 20 yards and closer. I have learned over the years that I need to used five different clubs, dependent on the situation, to successfully hit my ball within three feet. Believe me, over the years I have have dueled with the frustration monster, but it was worth every battle!

I know I have talked about this particular topic a great deal lately, but I playing over the past few rounds, I have discovered something I probably have not shared. I am not sure if it is profound, but it makes a difference in my game and my final score.

Phil Mickelson offers some sage advice!

I move the ball in my stance a bit less than I did in previous years. I realize that my ball position has change after hours of practice in my DIY chipping area. The funny thing is that I did it automatically without thinking. By keeping the ball off my lead heel (ish) and use different clubs (PW, GW, SW, and LW) and swinging the same, I have notice an increase in my up and down percentage.

The only chipping club I use that is different is my 7-iron. I still use the exact set up as my putter. As I stated in earlier articles, this is a great club to use out of the short grass within five yards of the green. Others, like my friend Rick, use their 8-iron with great success. But, I am partial to my 7-iron and do not see that changing anytime soon.

There is one aspect of chipping that most players (including myself from time to time) need to understand before they start. If you consistently chip the ball short, it is time to be more aggressive. I have missed more chips this year by trying to be cute and nestle the ball up to the pin. I have adopted a more aggressive approach to my chipping this year and it is working.

Chipping is important to lower golf scores. If any amateur is looking to lower their golf score, I recommend working on you short game from 20 yards a closer using different wedges. Trust me, it is a stroke saver.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Consistently Chipping The Ball Close

  1. Several years ago, my wife bought me the Raymond Floyd book, From 60 Yards In. It has many great tips for improving the short game, including the 5, 7, 9 chipping system. The 5 for a back pin, 7 for a middle & 9 for a front. This has worked well for me over the years, as well as the other insights this book provided.

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  3. All good points. The only thing I would add in the way of caution is that some of the game improvement irons will take a bit more practice to control distance on chips around the greens. My last set of clubs was like that. I just couldn’t seem to get and keep any fine control from my 7 or 8 around the green. The new set is better at it but that’s a shot I seldom use. I’ve spent so many years dealing with that type of shot by going hands forward with my gap wedge that I still feel more confidence I’ll get it close or in that way. But you can’t do that shot into the grain here at least, so it’s nice to have another option available when you need it.


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