Forget Everything You Know About Golf – I Have The Answer

Forget everything you have been taught about golf because it is time for you to embrace the easiest swing fix in golf. I know I have made this claim before, but now I have the definitive answer. It was always right in front of my face and I finally noticed it yesterday. The success of golf swing is rooted in one smooth movement! Keep reading to find out.

I am actually joking around because my epiphany started with I was talking to Brian Penn from All About Golf. We mused about the difference between tempo and swing speed; that got me thinking. Am I missing something about my swing; am I overlooking a critical movement that I had been taking for granted?

Working on my back swing last winter!

The answer is yes. I found that I the root my poor ball contact was rooted in my back swing. I realized that I speeding up my back swing and that was causing contact challenges because my balance, swing plane, and body movements result in a pull to the left. It is as simple as that! The more controlled and relaxed my back swing, the better the contact I make hitting through the ball.

I mean how simple is that! It is the answer to all my woes. I started focusing on slowing down my take away and extend this control through to the top of my swing. Then start my transition and follow through contact on my aim line. Since, I have been striking the ball better and with greater success.

It is not like I did not know about how important the back swing was, but the other day a light wet on and the magic started to happen. So, for now anyway, this is my area of focus. It is important to so many aspects of my swing that I hope I do not forget about it the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Forget Everything You Know About Golf – I Have The Answer

    • Pete,

      What works for me is to push my club head out as far as possible on my back swing and still stay in balance. This stretching motion forces me to slow down and set myself before starting the downswing. Not sure I described it enough for you. Let me know if this helps.

      Cheers Jim


  1. I struggle with snatching the club in the takeaway. Smooth and controlled is ideal. I rush and it throws my body and sequence out of whack. This leads to horrible contact. Great reminder.
    Thanks Jim

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  2. Some of the best players in the world have back swings that seem positively glacial. Others move seemingly at light speed. Where distance is concerned I find no appreciable difference between the two extremes when I hit the ball well. But like you have found, I tend to prefer a slower back swing too because I find I hit well more often with a slower, more deliberate back swing.

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