Playing Winning Golf

It is interesting that our golf swing can be spot on and then in the blink of an eye be gone for an hour. This is what happened to me a couple of days ago when Rick and I played in the final Senior Men’s 2-man scramble event. We both played very well in cool (7° C, 45° F) dry weather conditions. Actually, I should saw we played very well on the first nine!

During the first nine holes, both of us were swinging very well and as a result had many options on each shot. The biggest asset was being in play off the tee on every hole. This allowed for easier approach shots, as such a greater chance for success. We ended up with 7 birdie tries, sinking three of them made for a smooth cruise to red numbers. Overall, our solid play was what we had hoped for at the outset of the round.

Shooting a comfortable two under (with one bogey) we had high hopes heading into the inward nine. We were safely off the tee on the 10th hole, then I did some (in hindsight was actually dumb) that was a low risk of success. I tried to hit my driver out of the rough. I chose this club because I could place the ball in a very fluffy lie; thinking to get very close to the green to set up an easy chip and another birdie opportunity. Well, that was folly.

Thinking back, this shot seemed to be the turning point for my poor play for the rest of the round. I hit the ball okay off the tee, but after that my swing was gone. We only hit 3 greens in regulation (Rick hit two of them) and did not convert any for birdie. I duffed approach shot after approach shot – as the round progressed, it was mental grind every time I stepped up to the ball. As a result of our less than stellar play, we shot 4 over for the last nine holes. That left us with a final score of 2 over.

Don’t get me wrong, we did hit a few good shots and sunk some clutch putts; the inward nine was not a complete disaster……but, it was close. Regardless, our score was good enough to win C Flight (through retro). That makes me laugh because when we started to play poorly, Rick and I commented that winning a lower flight was a hopeful possibility. 🙂

I am grateful that the weather cooperated which greatly contributed to Rick and I having a great time. As always, the crew at Osprey Links put on a great event. The carry out breakfast and steak dinner were definitely a hit. This is the first time Rick and I played in a tournament together and I can see it happening again in the future. Overall, I would rate the Senior Men’s Closing a huge success.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing Winning Golf

  1. I’d much rather feel like my game improved during the round than deteriorated any day. Knowing more about swing mechanics has helped, trying to shrug it off and stay positive has helped, and taking ego out of the game and clubbing up has helped, but I haven’t found any sure fix. It just happens some days.

    When it happens to the both players on the team during a tournament, I’m sure it feels downright tragic. Especially when it’s the last tournament of the year. But you have the right attitude. It’s not tragic. It’s golf. It’s an experience every time and it’s always best to find enjoyment in whatever ride we’re given.

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