My Last Round Of Golf in 2020 – Maybe

Yesterday, I played what is likely my last round of 2020. I know I have said this before, but the temperatures are really starting to turn and rain is in the forecast for the next 6 of 7 days. So, the chances of me rushing to the golf course is very low. However, yesterdays round of 79 was a great way to finish 2020 and I notice some cool things that I thought I would share.

Unfortunately, our friend Rick could not make it yesterday. He had some life commitments he could not shirk. Because he was not there, Blair and I sent him a “wish you were here’ picture. Who doesn’t like their friends sending them pictures of the fun you are missing; right Rick? 😉

Our ‘wish your were here’ picture to Rick.

The other interesting thing about yesterday is that on that date (14 Oct) two years ago, it was my last day of golf. In 2018, as you know, I went through some major medical challenges and was thrilled to be playing. Well, I was no less thrilled yesterday!

Last round of golf in 2018
Last round of golf in 2020!

Both rounds were at Osprey Links Golf Course and both were played with Blair. As you can see, the 2020 picture has two less layers of clothing, no toque, no gloves, and more sunshine. I am not sure what I shot in 2018, but yesterday’s score of 79 was very respectable.

Interestingly, on the last hole I stood on the tee box and said that this was my last drive of 2020. I striped it 250 down the middle of the fairway. With 150 yards to go, I smoothed a 7-iron left of a blue pin about 20 feet away. Thinking that a birdie would be an awesome way to finish, I took a bit more time with the putt. I stroke an excellent putt and let it on the lip on the amateur side of the hole. Just a bit harder and it drops for sure. Regardless, a tap in par is a great way to end my golf season.

With 6 months of off-season to go, it is time to turn my sights on other golf related topics. I am not entirely sure what they are yet, however I have kept a couple topics in my back pocket that I am sure you will be interested to read. Until then, have an awesome day and remember to be grateful!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “My Last Round Of Golf in 2020 – Maybe

  1. End of the season or no, it’s always satisfying to end a round with solid play. Well done. 👍👍 And best of luck on your winter training. With the new net all ready, and ending the year at a 3, next years search for scratch is looking good.

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