A Personal Cue That My Putting Stroke Is Working

Every golfer has cues that help them determine if their stroke is working as expected. For the different clubs – different cues; for me I have something in my putting stroke that is a must have to know that I am putting well. My cue is very specific and something that I can actually feel, especially during my warm up routine.

To set the stage of where my cue developed, it all started in 2014. PGA Tour Canada hosted a group of military and this is an excerpt from my article:

I was fortunate to have Drew Evans provide some putting tips. As he watched me putt, he indicated that I had a very good putting stroke. He emphasized the importance of keeping my triangle while putting. When I asked about my view of following through twice as far as the back swing, he indicated that it was a good drill for mid to high handicap players, but for lower handicappers, a smoother even putting stroke is preferred. Lastly, he suggested that I move my hands out from my body about 2 inches to keep my shoulders, wrists and putter head in a straight line…man did that make a positive difference! Thanks Drew I appreciate the help.

My Friend Jean receiving a putting lesson in 2014 – Patriot Love Foundation.

By following Drew’s advice of moving my wrists forward two inches, I felt my right tricep engage during my follow through. At first I did not really understand what was happening, but during my next practice session, I realized that my putting stroke was better when I felt my a tightness in my upper right arm.

Since that time, whenever I practice, I ensure I feel my tricep engage. It is then I know that my hands, wrists, and shoulders are in the proper position. Additionally, it allows me to maintain the putting triangle throughout my entire stroke. Lastly, it also reinforces my back 6 forward 12 mantra to ensure that my putter head follows through the ball on my intended line.

Using the cue of tightening muscles in my right tricep is something that I stumbled upon, but use it constantly to ensure my putting stroke is working properly. I use it most of the time when practicing and warming up. When I have the right feeling, I continue to build on this stroke until it is innate, repeatable, and sustainable.

Do you have any physical cues you use to know that your stroke is working as it should?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “A Personal Cue That My Putting Stroke Is Working

  1. Jim, great discussion. My key feel is a stretch in my right oblique muscle. Much the same indicator as your tricep to indicate you’ve held your triangle. What do you specifically mean by “putt what we see?”




  2. I used to mistakenly think some putts were pushes or pulls even though they didn’t feel like they were. Conventional wisdom is to have your eye over the ball when aligning the face of your putter to match the line you saw when you read the green. That simply doesn’t work for me. Not consistently. It’s not how I “see” the line best. That’s ok. It’s one reason we go for a putter fitting. How we align and how we site need to work together. After standing back and reading the green, the most important thing I do when setting up to putt is making sure to align my eye to the proper distance from the ball before trying to align the putter to whatever line I think will get me to the hole. The new putter has made that easier and I am sure, more accurate. It has 3 lines on it which help me judge the distance my eye is off the ball so much more accurately that it’s even apparent when putting with shoes on or off when hitting straight putts on carpet.


    • Kevin,

      You description of aligning your putter head on your chosen line is very important. I was playing with and elder statesman a few years back in a scramble. He was a great putter. During one of our early discussions, he flatly stated that we should ‘putt what we see’. That simple statement has stuck with me and I use it all the time. The trick for many amateurs is that they do not have a set routine and therefore do not set up consistently…..hence inconsistent putting.

      Cheers Jim


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