Golfing In Canada Rocks!!!

For all my friends outside of the greatest country in the world 😉 golfing in Canada would be an experience of your life. Okay, this might be an overstatement….well actually it is not. We have some of the greatest golf courses in the world and you can play them without a challenge. Personally, I am biased when I suggest that Canada offers awesome golfing experiences and they are there for your playing pleasure.

According to Golf Digest, Canada has 9 golf courses that rate in the top 100 in the world. If you take those numbers away, Canada still offers so many great opportunities to play awesome courses. I could go on and on about how the great opportunities to play golf in Canada, but I will let Golf Digest do my talking: BEST COURSES IN CANADA: OUR NEW RANKING

Of course, Canada has many other awesome things to offer. If you take the time and think about the great white north, I think your next golf vacation should be north. You will not be disappointed and if you look at the courses from Golf Digest, you will know why: BEST COURSES IN CANADA: OUR NEW RANKING.

I have played in golf in most provinces. Each has a unique feel to their golf courses because of the make up of the earth. Being so vast, we have the luxury to build golf courses in just about any area. And this provides diversity and challenges. Sometimes, this happens within a short distance, but courses in British Columbia are far different that those 4500 kilometers (2800 miles) away in Nova Scotia. This is the benefit of having a large land mass in which to play.

On a side note, if you ever visit Canada always remember:

Image may contain: outdoor, text that says 'CANADA Come for the culture and scenery Stay because your car won't start #lovecanada'

Canada is an awesome place go play golf. We are often overlooked, but if you are looking for a golf challenge, in the summer months, look north because you will not be disappointed!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Golfing In Canada Rocks!!!

  1. Jim, I would love to pour some tourist dollars across the border as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted. Do you have a recommendation for an area or resort with a high concentration of courses, so if i spend a week, I could get a good variety without a lot of driving?




  2. The last time I visited Canada I was stationed in Maine. I remember digging through mound after mound of snow looking for my car more than once. And how bald tires on the back of a 80’s Buick hatchback act more like skies than tires. That was fun. 😂

    I’ve visited a couple of times on different trips up north. It’s beautiful country. But I’ve never played golf up there. Not yet anyway. Maybe next time.

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