Trying To Groove My Golf Swing

What does “find my swing groove” really mean? I did a fair bit of research and I came up with about 1000 different answers. Of course, this deluge of white noise is never any good when trying to sift through the mire, but I was able to come up with a couple of short videos that helped me understand that when grooving my golf swing, I need to take “how does it work for me” approach. I cannot tell you how to groove your swing, but I can offer a couple of tidbits of information that might help you hit the ball more consistently and effortlessly.

The first tip deals with moving my left heel in order to rotate my shoulders more, thus generating more power without trying to add extra effort. This Harvey Penick tip, presented by Alex Fortey from, talks about his magic move for power, rhythm and consistency. Take a look and then I will describe how it works for me.

I looked back at videos of my swing and find that I do not lift my left heel very often. It generally happens when I am trying to hit the ball farther. Because I do not normally lift my heel, my swing is off balance and out of sync. As I age, my turn will become my best friend and I have to work on rotating more, but stay in balance and position. So, I am going to work on this in the off season to see if this move will be good for me or not. Stay tuned.

The next time, from Hank Haney, dovetails with the above tip my Harvey Penick. Haney talks about maintaining the proper posture throughout my entire golf swing. I think that this tip is very important for me because I helps create a consistent and repeatable swing. Take a look:

Again, I looked at some videos and found that the shots I stayed in balance, I maintained the proper spine angle throughout my entire swing. It was when I tried go give it a little something where my swing came off the rails. Hence, I will need to work on this tip in my indoor driving area. It is a matter of focusing on the right position and staying there.

My efforts to sustain my golf swing over the next 4 months is only as good as the effort I make to hit the ball properly. It makes no sense to whack ball after ball with no real training value. So, the above two tips are just a few things I plan to work on over the cold winter months.

What do you think of the tips? Might they help your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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