Play Golf Like A Professional

Playing our best golf is every players goal. If we really did not care, then we would not count strokes. It is unlikely that when you play golf that you do not measure your success by the final stroke tally. As we continue to monitor our success, most amateurs try to find a nugget of knowledge that will give them a leg up on their competitors. Well, I found a something that will help all players improve, but I think it is really designed for the higher and mid handicap players to drastically improve their golf game. If you follow the nine points outlined below, you will be playing golf like a professional and as a result, shoot lower golf scores!

As you watch this video, you will find that I talk about all these points on a routine basis. They are key to successful golf and I was suprised at how close I approach golf is to how professionals approach their game. Take a look:

When I watched this video I was expecting to find something profound, but as the video unfolded I realized that I do all of these points to one degree or another. I just need to be more diligent about following each point all the time! An important point that is often overlooked by amateurs deals with consistently following these tips to improve our game. If a higher to mid-handicapper employed routinely employed all these points, I would suspect their handicap index would drop to single digits. I know this because if you talk to low handicapper, they likely do most of these tips most of the time. They, however, learned from experience. You learning curve is now reduced significantly if you use all nine tips.

Here is a recap of the video:

  • 9. Warm-up -before getting to the range/practice ground
  • 8. Very rarely hit a flat out pitch with most lofted club, because they want precision over loft generally
  • 7. Strategy – know where they absolutely cannot hit it, and use that to shape hole strategy
  • 6. Putting – Meticulous in practice about starting the ball on the right line
  • 5. Understanding own strengths, weaknesses and tendencies in great detail, in order to shape hole strategy.
  • 4. Mental side of the game is intentionally trained – e.g. 5 best shots hit recorded in a log and the thinking that went into your shots
  • 3. Mentally rehearse EVERY shot’s flight path and run, of the shot you are looking to produce
  • 2. Practicing with a clear purpose driving – e.g. technical change in swing, putting under pressure.
  • 1. Clean clubs after EVERY shot.

This is probably one of the best videos I have watched that explains what a player should do to shoot lower golf scores. The how, of course, is a bit more challenging. But, this list outlines a sustainable, repeatable, and understandable plan to improve your golf game. Basically, it allows amateurs to play like professionals! Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Play Golf Like A Professional

  1. Jim, good list here. There’s a nice mix of to do and what not to do. Kind of a mini SWOT analysis. Most amateurs don’t understand their ability and try too many unhitable shots. Like Clint Eastwood said, “A man has to know his limitations. “



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