Keeping The Crease by Tom Watson

Researching interesting golf items is a challenge some days. I try to keep videos short with lessons that will have a great impact on our game. Today, we are going to take a lesson from Tom Watson about ‘Keeping the Crease”.

Tom Watson is one of the top 15 golfers of all time. With 70 wins world wide and 8 Majors to his credit, I think Mr. Watson has demonstrated some skill regarding golf. His lesson in the following video hits home with me because this is an area that I struggle with from time to time. Maintaining the crease during my golf swing:

Of course Mr. Watson’s lesson is about maintaining the proper posture throughout my swing. He outlines how to set up properly and explains that to maintain the proper posture during any golf swing, we have to keep that bend in our hips until the final position at the end of the swing. Of course, this makes complete sense, yet I have trouble at the top of my backswing holding my crease. It is not an always challenge, but wavering on my posture happens especially when I get tired down the stretch of a round.

Currently, I am addressing this weakness by increasing my flexibility and strength training. It is taking longer than expected, yet I do see some positive (although incremental) results. Mr. Watson’s video reminds me of one of the important reasons I am increasing my exercise regimen. It does tire me out, but it is worth the extra effort.

So, the next time I hit balls into my DIY driving net, I will remember the words ‘keep the crease’ throughout my golf swing. I am comfortable saying that this is an easy lesson for me to sustain and I think it can do wonders for your game as well. Let us know if you try this simple drill and if it was successful for you.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Keeping The Crease by Tom Watson

  1. When I implemented Tom’s concept of maintaining the crease to contact along with the shoulder turning perpendicular to the spine, this got my handicap to single digits.

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