Resurgence In Your Golf Game

If you have played golf for any period of time, you will no doubt have entered into a lull in your game. For some reason, you swing is gone, your course management skills are waning, and you have not had a lucky bounce in an eon! Then suddenly, your game comes back and you suddenly feel like you can do nothing wrong. As fate would have it, that is not really what I consider as a resurgence in your game, it is the ebb and flow of playing golf. So what do I consider as a resurgence? That is a great question, read on to be enlightened!

Okay, the intro might have been a bit over the top, but early in my golfing career I went through a really long period (4 months) of absolutely abysmal golf. I could not get anything more than just a few holes in the row, then back into the mire of poor play. I tried practicing, mental exercises, and not playing often. I was really in a funk and actually considered stopping golf for the year. That would have meant giving up 1/3 of my golf season. I was so disheartened with my golf game; I never thought I would play well again. If my tale sounds mellow dramatic, I would suggest that during my dark period I was truly lost.

Suddenly, I found a drill that started me on my path back to reasonable golf. My resurgence and passion for golf had started. It was a simple chipping drill that seems to realign my golfing universe. I realize that this seems like a pretty simple fix, but it stated the resurgence in my game such that by the end of the season, I was back to normal and looking for next season.

3-6-9 chipping drill

This simple chipping drill (which I discussed in earlier posts) was and adaptation of my 3-6-9 drill. A friend of mine introduced it to me and suggested that I play a game when using this drill. I would count points if I hit a tee and add up the points to a final goal. At first, any tee would do and then I had to hit the one I aimed. What I found, is that by playing this simple game while practicing, my mind was off my woes. As a result, my success practicing transferred to the course. My short game started to improve and slowly (very slowly) I was seeing success in other areas. My resurgence was under way!

My next area of success showed up with my putter. Because I was able to chip closer to the pin, I was able to confidently make some putts that I consistently missed just a short time ago. As my putting improved, my positive mental attitude started soar. Then my driver came back, fairway woods, and finally approach shots. Of course, the final destination for my golf game took about 5 weeks, but that was my story of how my golf game went through its resurgence. Interestingly, I have never experience another period of prolonged poor golf since; luck me, right?

For the most part my golf journey has been very pleasurable. I have experienced some ups and downs; I have only experience one prolonged dark period. Fortunately, I had a resurgence in my golf game that propelled my scores to the next level.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Resurgence In Your Golf Game

  1. Jim, bad play comes and goes. My last period of despondency was about five years ago and I solved by connecting with my current instructor. The fist good shot in the initial recovery lesson was like a gift from heaven. I’m interested to know the details of your chipping drill. Thanks!

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    • Brian,

      The link in the article will take you to the drill. The game I played was made up so I focused on things other than technique. Just let my game flow and it was the start of my significant game improvement. If you need more let me know.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Not sure I can say I’ve ever had a “resurgence”. I’d call it more like a coming out. I plateaued, took a lesson, spent six months relearning, then pretty much, just jumped to the next level. That 6 months brought feelings of falling back of course. But when you can see the better quality of the few shots you hit really well in the beginning, you stop feeling pity and switch to hope. You stop feeling like you took a step back and realize it’s just a bigger jump forward than you’re used to.

    Other than that, I still feel like I follow a set pattern. A week of great golf followed by 11 weeks of decent golf with a few sub par days thrown in to keep me extra motivated to improve.

    I got a round in today with a guy who feels like his game is in the dumps. He’s in his 70’s and doesn’t have his full range of motion anymore so he struggled a little here and there, but I’ve seen a lot worse from younger players and made sure I told him so more than once during the round. I think he left a little more upbeat. I hope so anyway. I didn’t do too bad myself ending at 3 over so between that, 75 degree temperatures, a nice cool breeze, and ending the round hitting into the sunset, it’s was a hard day to beat.

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