Wishing Tiger Woods A Healthy Recovery

Since Tiger Woods’ car accident two days ago, the golfing world / sporting world held their breath wondering how serious his accident really was. I purposely stayed out of the conversation and did not speculate on anything relating to Woods’ lastest setback. Today, I just want to send Tiger positive healing thoughts and wish him a healthy recovery. It is really a challenge to express how fragile life really is and to think of the scope of this situation.

After watching a great deal of news about Tiger, I think that Rory McIlroy said it best:

Keeping the perspective that Tiger Woods is a person and a loving father, let us hope he recovers fully to lead a healthy long life.

Trying to keep some positive thoughts heading Tiger’s way, I want to leave you with a video of how we were entertained, awed, and impressed by how great a golfer Tiger was and hopefully will be again.

I wish Tiger Woods a speedy and healthy recovery. Positive thoughts heading your way!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Wishing Tiger Woods A Healthy Recovery

  1. I always enjoyed watching Tiger Woods. He was the reason I watched the PGA, and without him, rarely, if ever. I think there’s a decent guy in there, still wet behind the ears. We pondered upon his upbringing, being the light in his father’s eyes, the center of his parents’ attention, succeeding, probably told how he’s so amazing so many times. Then, at some point, his father wasn’t there. I don’t know what that does to a guy. He’s made terrible mistakes, and I think he’s in turmoil, unable to walk away from the game, but not able to be his old self either. Time will tell.


  2. Jim, if nothing else, Tiger has a proclivity for keeping himself in the news. I watched his interview at Genesis the day before the accident and something didn’t seem right with him. It appeared like he had to force himself to pay attention to the dialog with Jim Nance. Anyway, none of that matters now. I hope he makes a full recovery for all the obvious reasons.

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