Getting Ready For Golf Season

It is about that time of year when my golf juices really get flowing. We just had two days of double digit highs and the snow has receded by at least half. This generally means that it is time for me to start looking at the season ahead. But hold on a moment, it is still at least 4 to 5 weeks before golf courses in my area will be open for business. This timeline leads me to wonder what I should do that will slowly prepare me for my first hit of the season!

I have been working out since the start of 2021. I have gradually worked my way back into shape (ish) and it is time to pick up the intensity of my workouts. It is time to incorporate my driving net more as the temperatures are conducive to hitting more shots. This is something I definitely need to improve and now is the right time to start. I try to train for about 1.5 to 2 hours a day. This includes a walk for an hour and stretching/strength training for an hour. I have the time, so why put it off, right?

It is a bit too early to dig out my clubs. I put them away last fall and have not touched my bag since. I know it is clean, but generally, I will have to trade out some golf balls (Pro Vs for Wilson 50s) ensure I have enough tees, pencils, etc for my first round. Of course, I will be trading my cart bag for my carry bag, so it is fun going through all the pockets just to make sure I did not forget anything. Overall, this does not take much time, but is an important part of my pre-season prep.

During my many years in the Canadian Military, I learned a simple lesson that time spent preparing for something is time well spent. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This lesson was learned many times and I carry it with me today. So, now is the time to get ready for what comes next in my season.

One of the important things I look for is to replenish my consumables. I am not talking about golf balls or tees because that is a given. I am talking about sunscreen, pain killers, bug spray (organic), band aids, and other must have carry items. My experience tells me that looking to ensure these items are fully stocked prevents the “oh $&!T” moment when I realize I forgot to check out these items.

Lastly, I make sure my Golf Canada membership is up to date. I purchase mine through my home golf course at Osprey Links. This allows me to track my stats, scores, and handicap index. Additionally, I feel like I am supporting golf in Canada in a minute way. Joining the club is an important aspect of my pre-season preparation.

It is time to prepare for my 2021 golf season. I am expecting great things and by starting now, I will be ready.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Golf Season

  1. Jim, I used to get excited about the season start up. Going through the steps like you outlined. Now I’m retired and living in Arizona so the season never ends.

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      • Jim, it’s hard to say because I’m now in my 70s and also had a serious injury a couple of years ago that affected my golf swing. I do believe my game has become more consistent by playing year round. So maybe i’ll just say that my game is deteriorating “less rapidly”.

        I hope you enjoy your upcoming season.


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  2. Jim, over the last month, I have prepped by hitting about 1,000 left hand only shots in my back yard. As our season is now under way, I will be road testing this at the range tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if I can get this right hand flip out of my swing. Shoot, maybe I’ll learn to play one handed. Stay tuned!



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  3. I shot 5 strokes under the temperature today. That doesn’t sound too bad this time of year. But it was 79 out. And par was 67. So it wasn’t exactly great either. Good enough to win, but not great. It did make me feel pretty good as I was two or even three times as old as my playing partners who were all longer than me with every club in the bag. But I played my game and would have totally dominated except for a couple of bad luck misjudgments. Twice I caught a tree behind a tree that I couldn’t see and both times I got hit hard for it. I lucked a putt in to save bogie on the first one but tripled the other. Both came on second shots after perfect tee shots to the fairway so that hurt even more. But such is golf. There’s always the next shot to make.

    BTW, since you’re gearing up and this was in todays list of golf video’s to watch, here’s another video about getting lag that talks about allowing our wrists to go sort of limp and gaining lag until halfway down, not just at the top.

    It seems after playing with the youngsters today, I’ll need some more work on that myself…lol…Boy the one kid could really hit a ball. His control still needs a bunch of work but what I wouldn’t give today for that youthful ability.


    • Kevin,

      Congrats on your win. It is great to hear that you recovered from the two poor strokes. Sometimes we do not and our whole round goes into the dumps. I did watch the video, thanks by the way, and it will continue to give me something to think about. Unfortunately it will not happen today as we are in a deep freeze right now. Hopefully, it is the last one until next year.

      Cheers Jim


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