Ouch, That Hurts!

Have you ever swung a golf club and felt the vibration of the shot through your whole body. I know we feel many miss hits in our hands or arms, but a whole body awakening is a rare thing. I have felt a few of these through the years, but only on in 2020. It was in the fall and things were a bit cool, but not overly cold; so, the temperature really did not have anything to do with the shock of my shot. It actually was something different.

Let me set up the shot. I was in the first cut with a good lie. I had about 140 yards from the green and was hitting an smooth 8 iron. There was nothing in my line of sight and the flag was in the middle of the green. Shots like this make me smile with anticipation of a great chance at birdie.

As I stood over my ball, I felt that the ground was a bit soft, but nothing that caused me a great deal of concern. Well looking back, I should have paid more attention to this shot. The main reason I was not overly concerned is because I do not take a deep divot with my 8 iron. This is a perfect shot for my game.

I started my swing and felt a bit of gust of wind. Instead of stopping, I decided to add a bit of power to the shot. What a mistake this was (actually, it is always a mistake) because I was not really set up for an extra hard shot. As I descended into my slot, my left shoulder dipped a few inches more than expect and greatly increase my angle of attack at the ball.

As the club head hit two inches behind the ball, it decided to ack like a spade. My club went at least 4 inches into the ground. I dug so deep, it did not come out of the ground. As you can imagine, the pressure that was exerted on my hands, shoulders, and back was such that I actually let go of the club. As I let go, I felt the vibration of this total mishit down in my legs. My instant fear was that I was going to hurt my wrists.

Fortunately, the club popped out of my hands or I might have really hurt something. As it was, I was a bit tender in the wrist and forearms, but that was it. I count myself lucky that nothing else happened. Also, although this is all mental, I felt a pang of embarrassment for making such a poor shot…..but, that did reside very quickly.

I am not really sure how all the foolishness of this shot came to bare, but it sure did hurt. I hope that I do not experience this type of shot in 2021…..I would hate to see a trend developing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Ouch, That Hurts!

  1. I have felt this a few times and it is always early spring or late fall. Playing in temps that I shouldnt be playing in and thinking not to hit it thin. Low and behold I will hit a 4 iron half way up the ball (very thin) and it will vibrate from my finger tips to the tips of my toes!!

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  2. I’ve played where the ground was so hard taking a divot could cause that kind of pain. Like trying to take a divot in concrete. We were in drought conditions back then and I was much younger. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced anything like it since.

    Today I forgot my putter and didn’t realize it until pulling my club for my first shot. I was lazy and decided to just play and give my new hybrid a workout on and round the greens. Something I’ve not done much of yet. And I can happily report that beginners luck is still a thing. I had no confidence when looking down at the miraging face of that club when trying to putt, but I dropped 3 outside of 20 feet and a ten footer to finish up the day with bird at my reduced par for the hole. I finished 3 better than what I did Saturday when I had my putter with me. The guys joked that my putter will never see the bag again. But that’s not going to happen. This is the second time I forgot my putter and it may have worked out fine today, but this is another kind of habit I don’t want to get into. But I do think the hybrid is going to see some more use around the greens from now on. I was impressed with how well I could control it.

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    • Kevin,

      Sometimes mistakes turn out to be gold mines. I would suggest that your hybrid might be used off the green where a putter just might not do the trick. Regardless, I agree that forgetting your putter is not something you want to make a habit off; beginners luck or not.

      Cheers Jim


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