Planning My Escape From Trouble

Almost every round of golf I need to escape from trouble. Sometimes it is the long grass around the green, a bunker, or the trees. Regardless of my next shot, I always plan my escape with at least two options. Why two options you may say, well there is a simple answer: it stops me being fixated on a solution that might not be the best option. Believe me, there are times when I focus on a perceived a perfect solution only to realize that I have overlooked the best course of action. Being fixated on anything in golf usually leads to disaster; however, I prevent troublesome scores by ensuring that I have several shot options.

Selecting two options can be as simple as vying for success by using two different clubs. By selecting a sand wedge and 7 iron for a particular shot, you can easily see how the ball flight will be different. Depending on the distance to carry and the position of pin will determine which club I should use. By analyzing my options, I can usually develop the proper escape from trouble.

Planning to escape this trouble might be pretty simple……or is it?

A more difficult example would be if the ball is in the woods. Do I punch it out with a 6 iron or lift it through the branches with a PW? By analyzing these options, other solutions might arise like taking relief or using a foot wedge (just kidding about the last one 😉 ) The point is that by focusing on two solutions, my plan to escape trouble becomes more assured.

I realize that this topic might be simple for the experienced players, however it might be as obvious to other players. Much of this discussion is about shot management and everyone has their own process they follow. Mine focuses on developing at least two options for each shot, regardless of where it sits on the course. It is tried and proven for my game I will continue to use it until it starts to fail me.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Planning My Escape From Trouble

  1. Great topic and I believe it is always good to consider your options carefully.

    One situation came to mind in our group of hickory players. On the seventeenth hole one of our players sliced a ball into tall fescue on the right of the hole. It was only a foot into the fescue and my friend debated whether he could advance the ball fourty yards and clear the fescue or just hack the ball out sideways. He did not even consider taking an unplayable lie even after his partner suggested it. I see this frequently.

    He decided to try and hack the ball out sideways and basically buried it deeper. He then had no choice but to take an unplayable. The two club lengths gave him a drop in the short rough. His next shot put him on the green and he two putted for a double. If he had taken the unplayable in the first place, he would have a bogey instead.

    Your point of weighing options carefully and taking into account potential risks is smart. Sometimes one of the best options is taking an unplayable.

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    • Thanks Lorne, I agree that sometimes taking our medicine is a good idea. We talk about that in our group often. Most of the time we can gouge the ball out, but at least we consider our options.

      Cheers Jim


  2. It’s a good topic even for experienced golfers. Like anyone else, we can sometimes good too focused in on our primary solution that we don’t take time to consider other options and that can too often be a mistake. A reminder to take a little time to consider other shots is never wasted.

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