Hitting More Greens By Jason Day

As many of you know, I am always trying to improve my greens in regulation percentage. It is the cornerstone of my approach to improving my scores this year. As such, I like to search for potential avenues to improve and I think I found one by Jason Day. His advice is interesting and something that I think I will take to heart over the next few weeks.

Before I delve into my thoughts about what Jason Day here is what he says:

The first two points are very important. Hitting the center of the green on most approach shots is a reminder that pin hunting is not always the best way to increase my GIR percentage. I find that I am drawn to hitting at the pin like a mosquito to a bug light. Most of my misses have been left of the green, so I am good if the pin is on the right, but otherwise…..

Full swing vice 3/4 swing. He indicated that a full swing produces more spin and something that I need to be aware. However, I have decided to club up and not take full swings. It is working fairly good unless I pull it left because I feel confident that I am doing the right thing. More importantly, choosing the proper distance with a 3/4 swing is the key to my success. It is challenging, but seems to a great way to get more GIRs to help lower my score.

The greatest nugget of information is Day’s view on balance. This is something that I really need to work on because I find that my balance shifts from time to time. I am not a hundred percent sure why, but it happens. As an example, on my last approach shot of my last round, my back foot slipped out from underneath me. It was the first time it happen, but obviously my balance is off and needs to be fixed. Or at least looked at to ensure that I have a better grip on my balance moving forward.

I am going to have to watch Jason Day’s video again to absorb all of his important points. Then hit the range. It is all about trying make improvements and I think Jason’s points are important.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Hitting More Greens By Jason Day

  1. Jim, there’s a lot of good tid bits in that video, thanks. I need to rethink my GIR approach especially for front flags. Lately, I’ve been playing for the middle for back flags with good success. But for front, I’ve been trying to flag hunt and have been okay missing short because the uphill chip is often easier than the downhill putt from the middle of the green. . . or is it? I fear my front pin flag hunting may be putting too much pressure on my short game because while confident on the short uphill chip, I am probably more likely to two-putt from 30 feet long than to get it up and down from 30 feet short. I just don’t like putting defensively, but may have to if the odds are in my favor. Some food for thought.



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    • Brian,

      Putting defensively is preferred over chipping uphill IMO. I am always more confident with my putting, regardless of the location, than chipping. So, I suggest on the front pins to aim for the top third of the green and try 20 foot putts over trying to chip. I am glad you found the video interesting.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. Trail foot slide used to plague me often. Today, I it happens a lot less often. I used to blame it on the fact that they stopped allowing real spikes but today I know better. It’s all in when we transfer our weight to the lead side. Too early, and the back foot is primed to slide out behind me. It’s hard to plant it and push off when my weight has already shifted.

    Here’s a video on the subject. You won’t like the solution he suggests at the end. It’s kind of a trial by fire fix. But it’s a great explanation for why it happens.

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