Lower Your Golf Scores Through Chipping

I decided to discuss a chipping drill that keeps popping up as I read and discuss how to lower our golf scores. Of course mastering (as best we can) our short game is a definite must to play consistent golf, but there are only about one million different views on the path to take. This plethora of choices can make it challenging for amateurs to navigate a path that works best for them. Below is one drill, which I have used, that does help you on your way. It is simple, easy, duplicatable and effective, thus a drill recommended for all golfers.

This drill first started to pop up with discussions with Brian Penn from All About Golf. He talked about chipping with his left arm (lead arm) only in his back yard in order to groove this pendulum type swing when chipping. He committed to making 100 chips a day during his quasi off-season in his back yard. He indicated that this drill has proven to be successful and the benefits outweighed the minimal time he committed to practicing daily.

Then Andrew Rice’s tweet showed up and this what it said:

Andrew uses his right arm (trail arm) to chip balls. His intent is to develop the proper swing movements when chipping and to groove how the motion should feel. Additionally, by chipping with one arm (left or right) it forces us to stay in position longer, have the proper shaft angle for contact, and allows us to focus on the hitting point. This simple drill really does offer a multitude of benefits in a very short time.

I use this drill from time to time to reinforce my chipping movements and to counter my tendency to want to pull up with my club after contact. This drill has a specific fix for me, but will likely benefit you in a different manner. I especially like this drill because I can use if for a short time and feel that I have reset my chipping technique in order to benefit the most time on the range.

On a side note, I played golf with a gentlemen many years ago that chipped with one are all the time. He would place his trail hand in is pocket. He was very effective in the short grass. The longer grass posed a bit of a challenge though.

I recommend this drill for all players. Have you ever tried it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Lower Your Golf Scores Through Chipping

  1. Jim, I have used right hand to fight the yips and the left hand more recently to take the right hand flip out of my swing. Overall, the left hand has been more useful. Appreciate the mention!


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  2. I find trying it with the lead arm trouble, but the trail arm is pretty easy. It’s not something I’ve done a lot of though. I get lots of practice with my wedges since our range is right across the street. Rain foiled another round tonight, but it cleared up before sunset and I got a good half hours work with the wedges before deciding I was hungrier than I was stoic in my resolve to practice tonight.

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    • Kevin,

      You are lucky to have the practice area so close to your house. Your opportunities to improve are completely in your control. I can see how hunger would top practice….have a great round today!

      Cheers Jim


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