The Mattawa/Osprey Home and Away Match

A couple of days ago I was invited by my friend Mark to play in the first annual Mattawa/Osprey Home and Away Match. It was a straight forward event where two teams of 12 play a two person scramble (six matches) where each twosome has a chance to win two points; One point for the front and one point for the back nine. After the first leg of the event at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort, Mattawa holds a two point lead over my team of Osprey Links. Since it is the first year, the idea was to keep thinks simple and full of fun!

I was teamed up with Mark and we took on Gary and Gerry. With fantastic weather, the course in great shape and the promise of a great meal, I had great expectations for the a fantastic round. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Mark and I started off very strong as we birdied 5 of the first 9 holes. We hit the ball straight, but our approach shots on the front nine were the key to our success. We seemed to firing on all cylinders. We took a 4 up lead after the first, thus securing the one point for the front nine.

Gerry, Mark and Gary. A fantastic group to play golf with on any day.

Gary and Gerry, however, were not about to give up easily. They headed up and we cooled down a bit during the back nine. Their experience definitely paid off as they dominated with approach shots and reading the greens. It seemed that whenever one player made a challenging shot, the other stepped up making the right shot at the right time. We traded leads and Mark and I found ourselves one up with three holes to go. Then I did something I have not done in 25 years that cost us the 7th hole.

It was a long par 5 and I hit a high draw over the trees on the dog leg left tee shot. I thought was perfect and Gary watch the ball bounce off a mound and suggested that it was not as a good a shot as I thought. Well, we found my ball on the mound and I proceeded to hit a great shot to just 15 yards of the green. As we prepared to hit our third shot, I had my ball in my hand waiting for Mark to hit. When I looked at my ball, I realized that I hit the wrong ball!!!

Hitting the wrong ball in match play results in an immediate loss of the hole. The faux pas on my part cost Mark and I the hole and it squared up the back nine with two holes to go. We both parred the last two holes to split the back nine gaining 1/2 point. I still cannot believe that I hit the wrong ball. My disbelief still resonates with me and I am not really sure how it happened. Of course, it is completely my fault for not checking when we first arrived and I can guarantee that this mistake will never happen again (at least for another 25 years 😉 )

After our match, we had a fantastic sit down roast beef meal put on my Mike and Brenda at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. If you talked to any of the players, everyone to a person was anticipating a delicious meal; we were not disappointed. Mike and Brenda always put on a fantastic spread and if you are in the area, it is worth stopping for a meal.

The next leg of our competition is next Tuesday at Osprey Links. I am looking forward to teeing it up with Mark and playing against new competitors. So far the first annual Mattawa/Osprey Competition is a resounding success and I do not see that changing when we tee it up at my home course.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the Links!


6 thoughts on “The Mattawa/Osprey Home and Away Match

  1. Jim, that is most unusual because in a scramble you mark your position and pick up your ball before all teammates play, right? So you picked up the ball on the mound and didn’t notice it wasn’t yours?


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    • Brian,

      Exactly! Talk about a dumb thing to do. I just assumed that it was my ball being in the open and not seeing any other ball in the area. Lucky it only cost us the hole. This is a rare mistake, but I guess there is a rule about it for a reason. ☹

      Cheers Jim

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      • I mark all my golf balls on both sides so there is never a chance to make that error if I can pick it up at least. This time of year though a ball can get too muddy to find the marks and I’ve hit the wrong ball once recently myself thanks to that.

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      • Kevin,

        I do as well. My error was purely mental and should not have happened. It did, so I will own it and be more vigilant moving forward. There always seems to be something….haha.

        Cheers Jim


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