Using Your Best Shot To Build Your Best Golf Game

Every players has the shot they rely on during all critical situations. As we expand and improve our golf game, we sometimes develop two or three shots that help build any regular round into a great round. As I lowered my handicap, I found that I had at least two shots that I could rely upon and recently I round a shot that was locked away, but is has returned like a fiery phoenix. With three steady shots, I can rotate any one of them as my ‘best’ shot to build a round of golf I can be happy with. Of course, this does not always happen, but at least a have a plan……right?

I am not sure how your game has unfolded, but mine is very steady in three areas. Off the tee, up and down, and putting are my three go too shots that keep my game in check and have the potential to drive my score lower and lower. I realize I am being very optimistic about these three shots, but experience shows that when these best shots are on, then I play my best golf. I have played with players who have four ‘best’ shots and others that have only one; I can say without a doubt that when their ‘best’ shots are on, they are building their best golf game.

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When one or two of my ‘best’ shots are not working as well as expected, I still rely on the last ‘best’ shot to turn my game around. It works sometimes where this one shot will provide enough of a foundation to turn my game around. It seems to provide enough of a positive mental change that helps feed my other shots. There seems to be a direct connection between hitting one of my ‘best’ shots and lowering my golf scores.

As I have discussed in previous posts, I am hitting my driver great this year and my putting is as good as it has always been. I rely on these two clubs heavily…….I mean heavily to keep my game in check. It helps me shot in the mid 70s at Osprey Links, but when my third ‘best’ shot jumps into the mix, I can expect to lower that score by up to 4 strokes to shoot even par. This does not happen often, but I have a sense that it can happen at any time.

If you are wondering what my revitalized third ‘best’ shot is, well it is a bump and run with my 7-iron. For some reason I have shelved this shot in order to use my wedges more around the greens. This course of action is a great idea in certain circumstances. I realized that I a mixture of the two approaches is the best course of action for my game. However, if I can put the 7-iron in my hands for a bump and run, I feel I have a better chance to sink the shot. If nothing else, I will be left with a tap in. Using this old (new) shot has saved me strokes during my recent rounds. It really has been a game changer and for the life of me I cannot think of why I stopped relying on this ‘best’ shot.

Having a ‘best’ shot or two or three helps build a foundation for a great round. They offer the opportunity to change my mental approach to any round of golf. Every golfer has at least one shot that can change their stars; as your game improves, there is a great chance that you will develop several ‘best’ shots and that can only be good for your scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Using Your Best Shot To Build Your Best Golf Game

  1. Jim, I would think that on your best days you’d rely in your driver and putter and less on your 7 because you are hitting more greens. My best rounds come with lots of GIRs and little reliance on short game. Fairways,greens, par, birdie, par. Keep it nice and boring. 😊


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  2. For the most part, when possible, I’ll choose a shot I’ve practiced over other options I might have. That tends to give the best results. That 7 iron bump and run of yours works for you because you’ve done it a lot even if not recently. I wouldn’t suggest a new golfer try it though without spending some time practicing it first. The type of irons we use will make a difference too. A blade will be more consistent with that type of shot over a game improvement iron with a much hotter face. Try a bump and run with a game improvement iron and it’s likely to run right off the first few attempts.

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