Using All Our Clubs Regardless Of Results

Ideally, we would spend many hours at the range perfecting each club in our bag. This is the sensible approach and generally produces some great results. However, many players do not have that kind of time and as such have a tendency to rely on specific clubs to navigate their round. Personally, I try to use all my clubs as the situation arises; but not everyone I play with does on a regular basis. They chose the least frustrating path of using only specific clubs regardless of the situation.

In my early years of playing golf, prior to the advent of hybrids, I hated having to hit my 3 or 4 iron. I carried them, but avoided using them at all costs. So, I would hit my Callaway Warbird 5 wood in more situations than for which it was not designed. I accepted the limitations of my choices and wished I could use all my clubs without fear.

Then one day I decided that enough was enough. I had to use all my clubs if I ever wanted to play better golf. So, I spent some of range time to hitting my longer irons. Additionally, I used these clubs during my rounds. At first, I sucked. However, the more used these clubs, the better I played. The decision to use all 14 of my clubs was a very positive and some times frustrating venture.

As time progressed, my scores started to lower because was able to fill in all my distance gaps, use all my clubs in multiple situations minimize many error caused by using the wrong club in the wrong situation. It was a decision I do not regret because I am able to hit the proper club for any situation. I many not always execute the shot properly, but at least I am giving myself a chance.

If you are not using all your clubs at this moment, it might be time to start. Yes, there will be an increase in frustration because solid contact comes from repeated use and practice. Nothing in golf is really easy, but I can suggest that giving in to avoid specific clubs might produce some short term success. But, in the long run your game will stagnant and sabotage your course management. Hence, your scores will ever reflect your true potential.

If you are going to carry 14 clubs, use 14 clubs. If you have on intention to play them all, remove the ones you hate and play golf without the extra club distraction. Do you avoid using some clubs that you carry.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Using All Our Clubs Regardless Of Results

  1. I take some out on occasion to help with course management, but I tend to agree basically with the point. Practice all 14 clubs you’re allowed in the bag. Bring them with you whether you think you’ll need them or not. I still practice with my 3 iron even though it’s been replaced in the bag with a hybrid. I think if I can hit my 3 iron well, I can hit anything.

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    • Kevin,

      I agree totally. It is a wonderful feeling to be have some confidence with clubs. It definitely improve my overall game. As to removing clubs for course management purposes….brilliant!

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, my 3-hybrid accentuates my big miss worse than any club in the bag. It’s brand new and is gathering dust in the basement. 3-iron is back in the bag. The hole in my game is from 200-210 yards. I either play short and chip for it or choke down on a baby 3WD.



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