Fighting Your Golf Swing Or Going With It

Through the course of any golf season, I encounter times when I fight my golf swing. These periods of struggle sometimes last more that a few holes, rounds, or an eternity (or at least it seems that way). Fighting my golf swing can bring a great deal of frustration because in most cases I do not know exactly the cause. Sometimes it just shows up and disappears without any rhythm or reason. There are times when my swing is consistently off and it is during those times I decide to go with my current swing mechanics and try to limit the damage. This is a real solution and I think it should be taught to all beginners.

When my woes are at the forefront of my game, I do take the time to understand whether my swing is all over the place or I am doing the same swing mechanic error. To make things clearer, I do not always make a poor swing; I do it about 10 times around. That is more that I expect for any round and when it happens, I take notice. When I am making an inconsistent swing I fight against it like it is my last round of golf. I try everything from a different stance, grip, aim point, and tempo. I try punching the ball, swinging hard, and clubbing up and clubbing down. I fight my challenges with everything I know how to do. It is very frustrating and man I try to put up a fight.

Then one day, on the first tee, everything is back to normal and I am well on my way to some great golf. The fight is over and I cannot say I won, but at least I am back on track.

There are other instances where I have swing challenges, but it produces the same error. I could be pulling left, pushing right, or hitting the ball short, but the mistake is the same and it is something I can work with. So, I accept the swing error and go with it. I make only a minor adjustment and accept what my swing is going to give me that day. I do not always score well, but my frustration level is way low and my swing woes stick around much less. I mentally go with what my swing has to offer and this also works to make the bad swing go away.

Golf is a magical game that offers rewards and challenges. The interesting thing is that I never know what I am going get on any given round. Today I am teeing it up with three friends and I hope that my game is in tip top shape because I will never hear the end of it if not. 🙂 Regardless of what happens, I will go with the flow and be grateful to be on the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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